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The 2011 National Census

Welcome to the 2011 National Census Statistics for Middlesbrough

The following Census information, ward profiles and thematic reports have been compiled from Census data as a resource for staff and members to help plan, commission and deliver services.


The national Census was undertaken by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) on 27th March 2011. The response rate for Middlesbrough was 93% (the same as in 2001) and the national response rate was 94%.

Census data has been released in four phases, with the first release on July 2012 and the fourth release on July 2013. Further local characteristics tables are still being released.

In the Census the national population were asked about their work, health, national identity, citizenship, ethnic background, education, second homes, language, religion, marital status etc. This has created a huge amount of data for local authorities and it would be impossible to include everything here. To make it easier to understand some of this data we have summarised the results into the following:

Ward Profiles - includes statistical counts for population, age groups, ethnicity, gender, households, tenure, socio economic classification, education and health in each ward

Middlesbrough Profile - includes statistical counts for the population age groups, ethnicity, gender, households, tenure, socio economic classification, education and health for the town.

pdf icon Middlesbrough Key Indicators [26kb] - provides percentage rate for a range of key indicators, including change since 2001 and national comparisons

Thematic Reports

Each thematic report includes an executive summary of key points, key facts and figures, tables, charts and maps in each of the following reports:

All of the above reports are available in pdf format on these pages.

Further Information on the Census

There are a wide range of resources and analysis tools available from a number of different sources to help you find the data that you need. Listed below are the most useful websites for further information on Census data.

To request Census data that you cannot find at any of the above please contact Lorraine McDonald 01642 729231

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