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One Planet Living

One Planet Living

Sustainable living is vital for the future of our town and improving the quality of life of our residents. By gradually making changes to the way we do things we are making Middlesbrough a more sustainable community - one which lives within the planets available resources. - Mayor Dave Budd

One Planet Living is a framework, designed by sustainability experts BioRegional, to encourage sustainable living. Ecological footprinting data shows that if everyone lived like the average Middlesbrough, or UK, resident currently does, we'd need three planets to support us.

In November 2011, Middlesbrough Council was endorsed as a One Planet Living City by international sustainability charity Bioregional. We're the first council in the north of England, and only the second in the country, and across the world, to receive this accreditation.

Under the One Planet Middlesbrough banner, Middlesbrough Council is working with Middlesbrough Environment City and partners Erimus Housing, part of the Thirteen Group, to engage with the whole community to deliver practical actions to bring immediate and long term environmental, economic and social improvements to residents across the town, including through the five year, £1m Big Lottery Fund project One Planet Middlesbrough: Creating Sustainable Communities.

Read about our recent progress in the One Planet Middlesbrough annual review 2016.

The One Planet Living framework uses 10 easy to understand principles that inform and empower people to become more sustainable, living within their fair share of Earth's resources. One Planet Living is used in Middlesbrough to address the city’s sustainability challenges. It provides a framework to deliver solutions which enable individuals, communities and organisations to live greener, healthier and more affordable lifestyles, within their fair share of the Earth’s resources.

Zero carbon

Making buildings energy efficient and delivering all energy with renewable technologies.

Zero waste

Reducing waste, reusing where possible, and ultimately sending zero waste to landfill.

Sustainable transport

Reducing the need to travel, and encouraging low and zero carbon modes or transport to reduce emissions.

Sustainable materials

Using sustainable and healthy products, such as those with low embodied energy, sourced locally, made from renewable or waste resources.

Local and sustainable food

Supporting sustainable and humane farming, promoting access to healthy, low impact, local, seasonal and organic diets and reducing food waste.

Sustainable water

Using water efficiently in buildings, farming and manufacturing. Designing to avoid local issues such as flooding, drought and water course pollution.

Land use and wildlife

Protecting and restoring biodiversity and creating new natural habitats through good land use and integration into the built environment.

Culture and community

Respecting and reviving local identity, wisdom and culture; encouraging the involvement of people in shaping their community and creating a new culture of sustainability.

Equity and local economy

Creating bioregional economies that support equity and diverse local employment and international fair trade.

Health and happiness

Encouraging active, sociable, meaningful lives to promote good health and well being.

One Planet Middlesbrough 2016 - 2025

In 2011, Middlesbrough set a number of challenging targets to drive the city forward, and reduce its ecological footprint to reach One Planet levels. Every year we revise our approach and develop appropriate actions to drive forward Middlesbrough’s sustainability agenda, reduce our ecological footprint, and deliver long term environmental, social and economic improvements for the city and its residents. Read about One Planet Middlesbrough's plans from 2016 - 2025.

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