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Aiming to get more people cycling, more often on our ever-expanding cycling network


Whether you are cycling recreationally, as a sport, or as a mode of transport; Middlesbrough Council wants to get 'More people cycling, more often'.

Middlesbrough Council has successfully worked in partnership with British Cycling to deliver cycling events and guided ride programmes including two of the largest free mass participation cycling events in the North East Skyride in 2010 and 2011.

Middlesbrough has an ever-expanding cycling network, currently consisting of over 89km of cycle friendly infrastructure. The town also boasts numerous opportunities, catering for the needs of cyclists. These include:

Cycling Facilities

  • Middlesbrough Cycle Centre  - Located in Middlesbrough Bus Station and managed by Middlesbrough Environment City. The centre offers free, indoor, manned and secure cycle parking, along with lockers, showering facilities and help and advice.
  • Middlesbrough Cycle Circuit  - A 1km closed road racing cycle circuit, open for events and use by the public.
  • Middlesbrough Bike Academy - Located at Gate Lodge West, Albert Park. The Academy is a mobile cycle training facility, specialising in cycle maintenance.
  • Middlesbrough Velodrome - Now open

Cycling Routes

Cycling Activities

  • National Standard Bikeability training within Middlesbrough schools.
  • Social Cycle Rides take place in Middlesbrough throughout the year. For full information of these planned rides, please click here

Supporting Local Businesses

Middlesbrough Council is proudly supporting businesses to encourage employees to cycle to their work places. This is financially supported via Department for Transport funding gained through the Tees Valley Local Sustainable Transport Fund. The funding from this source runs up until March 2016, and details of the full bid can be found by clicking here.

The authority has been working with local organisations to provide business pool bikes, free cycle parking initiatives and cycle maintenance courses; all aimed at encouraging people to cycle.


Free Cycle Parking

Bike stand

Middlesbrough based voluntary sector groups, small businesses, shops, offices, cafés, pubs, places of worship, surgeries, allotments and sports grounds can get free bicycle stands under the community cycle parking scheme ran as part of the funding bid Sustainable Middlesbrough; A place for business.


Up to two stands - that's parking for four bikes - are available per applicant. You must install the stands on your own property (we'll send you installation guidance) in a location agreed with Middlesbrough Council.

These top quality cycle stands reduce the likelihood of bikes being stolen or damaged and they tell the world that your organisation is doing its bit to encourage more people to use their bikes.

You can find out more here, or register an interest in this initiative by emailing , or calling (01642) 728196.

Improving Cycling Facilities

Middlesbrough Council is always looking for ways to improve cycling facilities within our area. If you have any suggestions as to how we can make improvements, please complete the below form.

Policy Documents

The following documents highlight the Councils policy and commitments to cycling in Middlesbrough:

Previous funding bids supporting cycling initiatives in Middlesbrough

Local Sustainable Transport Fund - Sustainable Middlesbrough; A Place for Business

The LSTF projects ran from 2012 through until 31st March 2015. The successful bid can be found here.

Highlights of the successes of the project can be found pdf icon here [1Mb].

The Cycle City Ambition funding was announced for selected English Cities and 'City Deal' status areas outside of the London to apply for. The Tees Valley was eligible to apply under wave two of the City Deal status. The funding was available to enable infrastructure improvements to be made; encourage more cycling trips, and helping to realise the positive outcomes associated with Active Travel, such as health, environment, whilst further providing inexpensive transport and congestion reduction.

A combined bid between Middlesbrough Council and Darlington Council, seeking £4.335m from the DfT was submitted for the Tees Valley. The bid aspired to heavily invest in the local network to improve conditions for cyclists, and encourage more journeys by bike. Had this been successful, the Middlesbrough elements proposed creating cycle paths and on carriage cycle lanes; providing a more joined up network, where as the Darlington funding was to provide 20mph zones across their Borough.

Details of the schemes can be found pdf icon here [1Mb].

For any queries regarding cycling in Middlesbrough, please contact 01642 728196, or email

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