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Concessionary travel

For information on concessionary fares please visit the public transport section of this website.

The Blue Badge scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme provides a range of parking concessions for people with severe mobility problems and people who are registered blind who find it difficult to use public transport.  If you qualify for badge you can park close to where you need to go.  The scheme operates throughout the UK.

Things you need to know about Blue Badges

Eligibility for getting a blue badge

People who automatically qualify for a badge

A person is automatically eligible to apply for a badge if they are over two years old and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • a receives the Higher Rate of the Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance;
  • b is registered blind; or
  • c receives a War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement.

People who may also qualify for a badge

Some people may also be eligible for a badge if they are more than two years old and either:

  • a have a permanent and substantial disability which means they cannot walk, or which makes walking very difficult; or
  • b drive a motor vehicle regularly, have a severe disability in both arms, and are unable to operate all or some types of parking meter (or would find it very difficult to operate them).

Please note that the criteria for getting a blue badge have recently changed. You should read the leaflets on the right of this page or click here to check eligibility.

Applying for a blue badge

The easiest and quickest way to apply for a blue badge is by using our online service. To apply online, you will need:

  • your national insurance number;
  • driving licence number, if you have one;
  • a photograph that meets passport requirements. For more information on these requirements please see the website;
  • and the number, expiry date and local authority given on your current badge, if you have one.

Click here to start your application.

Alternatively you can download a copy of the application form from the right hand side of this page and complete and return it to us at:

Department of Social Care
Blue Badge Applications
PO Box 505
Civic Centre

Blue Badge - Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on the Blue Badge scheme click here

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