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The following memorial facilities are available at the Teesside Crematorium: -

  • Inscriptions in the Book of Remembrance - copies in the form of cards and booklets, inscriptions on display on the Book of Remembrance computer (available any day using a swipe card) and on the internet . Inscriptions remain in the Book and on the computer forever.
  • Baby Book of Remembrance
  • Above ground vaults for cremated remains
  • Vases and plaques in the Garden of Remembrance
  • Baby memorial wall and plaques at Acklam and Linthorpe Cemeteries
  • Memorial wall plaques
  • Memorial services held quarterly at the Crematorium
  • Annual Requiem Mass for Catholics held at The Cathedral in Coulby Newham
  • Annual outdoor services at the baby memorials in Acklam and Linthorpe Cemeteries
  • Graves purchased for the burial or scattering of cremated remains
  • Memorial seats and plaques
  • Rose bushes and plaques
  • Trees and plaques
  • Donation scheme for trees, shrubs and bulbs
  • Tree of Life in the Chapel of Remembrance.

In order for the Council to provide the proper standard of service as befitting the sensitivity of the occasion, please refer to the information on procedures.  Service quality cannot be guaranteed and the cremation may be delayed, postponed or cancelled if the procedures are not followed. Procedures may be updated from time to time so please check with the office staff when the arrangements are made.

Opening times for cremation services
9.00am to 3.45pm
9.00am to 3:45pm
9.00am to 3:45pm
9.00am to 3:45pm
9.00am to 3:45pm
9.00am to 11.00am
Contact Details
Teesside Crematorium, Acklam Road, Middlesbrough
Post Code:
01642 817725

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