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Chair of the Council

Information about the role of the Chair of the Council

Councillor Steve Bloundele

From 6 May 2002, the traditional role of the Mayor changed when the people of Middlesbrough were given the opportunity to elect a Mayor.

The elected Mayor is David Budd, who, with his Executive, has executive control over the policies and services of Middlesbrough Council.

Because protocol will not allow two Mayors in one town, the traditional civic ceremonial Mayor with chains and robes is now called 'The Chair of Middlesbrough Council'.

The Chair is still chosen by the Council from amongst the elected Councillors.  For the year 2015-2016 the Chair is Councillor Stephen Bloundele.


The Chair's role is to:

  • Act as the ceremonial figurehead of the Council and the Town.
  • Preside over meetings of the Full Council.
  • Act as the representative of the community in relation to royal and other ceremonial visits and functions.
  • Lead the community in respect of civic duties such as Remembrance Sunday.
  • Work for the general well-being of the community.
  • Develop links between the Council and community groups, schools, voluntary and charitable sectors.
  • Develop overseas links - especially in relation to Town Twinning activities

How is the Chair elected?

Members of the Council, at their annual meeting in May, elect the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council.

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