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Travel Planning

How we devise, develop and implement travel plans

Travel Planning

Workplace Travel Planning

The Council currently works with businesses and developers of all sizes across the town to aid in the devising, developing and implementing of travel plans.

A travel plan is a package of measures produced by employers to encourage their employees to use alternatives to single-occupancy car-use. A travel plan can offer real benefits, not only to the organisation and it's employees, but also to the local community and surrounding environment.

Typically, the plan will include initiatives such as car sharing, discounted public transport tickets, cycle parking or a personalised plan for a journey.

Travel plans are specific to a location and should take into account the nature of the business, existing travel behaviour and the types of journey that the workforce makes, both to and from work and also for business travel.

Car Sharing

The Council also supports car sharing across Middlesbrough and the wider Tees Valley via Planning to car share online is an easier, and much cheaper way for people to travel in a sustainable manner. The scheme is completely free and is designed to be as easy to use as possible for drivers, passengers and those just seeking a more sustainable choice in how they travel.

For more information on workplace travel planning and car sharing, please call 01642 728125.

Personalised Travel Planning

The Council currently offer a personalised travel advice service to individuals who are struggling to access employment, education and training opportunities due to transport barriers. The travel planning service can intervene to assess an individuals needs, and provide them with information and incentives; ensuring the barrier of transport is reduced.

Each plan is individually tailored to meet a persons needs and can include information about public transport, car sharing, walking and cycling. Where appropriate, there is the possibility of offering access to a cycle loan scheme. The cycle loan scheme is operated by Middlesbrough Environment City and offers those interested, a place on a short OCN accredited course to gain a qualification in Cycle Maintenance. On successful completion of the course, participants will be given a bicycle - enabling them to travel anywhere in the town at any time of day.

For more information please contact 01642 728191.

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