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How to obtain a licence for a taxi


We are responsible for regulating the taxi and private hire trade in Middlesbrough and with the co-operation of the licensed trade make sure that the correct standards of professionalism, safety and comfort are satisfied by all vehicles, drivers and operators.

If you wish to be in the taxi and private hire trades in the Middlesbrough area you must be licensed by Middlesbrough Council.

If you would like to apply for a taxi driver licence you will need to submit:

  • A full British DVLA licence or European Community Licence for a least 1 year, prior to your application
  • A completed criminal records check form
  • A Driver Standards Agency Taxi Test pass certificate or details of your test appointment
  • A completed medical form from your GP please note that if you already have a HGV/PSV licence a medical form is not required
  • A completed application form for Hackney Carriage/Private Hire/Combined Driver Licence

Application forms and CRB information

To be in the taxi and private hire trades you must be fully licenced by Middlesbrough Council. Below are all the relevant forms to complete, also available is useful information, fees and charges.

Application forms:

pdf icon Application for PH and HC Driver Licence [480kb]pdf icon Application for PH or HC vehicle licence [294kb]
pdf icon Application to renew a HC vehicle [235kb]pdf icon Application to renew a PH and HC Driver Licence [463kb]
pdf icon Application to renew a PH vehicle [234kb]pdf icon Application to Transfer a PH or HC vehicle [290kb]
pdf icon Application for PH and HC Driver Licence [480kb]pdf icon Operator Application - Attachement Forms [27kb]
pdf icon Operator Application Form [201kb] 

Other related forms:

pdf icon Confirmation of Employment Form [75kb]pdf icon Guidance on convictions [73kb]
pdf icon Surrender of PH or HC Driver Licence [65kb]pdf icon HACKNEY CARRIAGE DRIVER RULES REGS AND ROUTES [358kb]
pdf icon PRIVATE HIRE DRIVER RULES REGS AND ROUTES [215kb]pdf icon HC Tariff Card 071212 [167kb]
pdf icon Medical Examination Certificate [255kb]pdf icon MIDDLESBROUGH TAXI RANKS December 2013 [82kb]
pdf icon PH Operator Consent form [18kb]pdf icon PH or HC Driver Surrender form [76kb]

CRB Policy & procedure:

pdf icon CRB policy statement [35kb]pdf icon CRB procedure (new) [29kb]

Conditions and Policies


The current byelaws,conditions and policies can be found in the downloads section to the right.


On 28 February 2012 the Council's Executive Member for Community Protection approved the following on an interim basis subject to full consultation in relation to a future review on age limits and vehicle specifications:

All hackney carriages and private hire vehicles may be licensed until 8 years from the date of first registration or 10 years for London Style cabs and side loading wheelchair accessible vehicles approved by the Council.

Applications for all hackney carriages and private hire vehicles will only be accepted if the vehicle is less than 3 years from the date of first registration on the date of the initial application.

In addition, vehicles that have been declared to be an insurance 'write off' in category A, B and C will not be licensed. Vehicles that have been declared category D write off may be licensed providing the applicant provides an appropriate Engineers report, approved by the Council, verifying the standard of repairs.

Guidance on convictions

Prior to granting a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle driver licence to an applicant, allowing an existing driver to renew a licence or a driver to retain his licence following a review, this Council must be satisfied that person is 'fit and proper' to undertake those duties. To assist in establishing an applicant's fitness, the Council takes into consideration their past behaviour, including any criminal record.

The Council may consider an applicant's spent or live convictions, cautions, any complaint made against them or any unacceptable behaviour in order to determine their fitness to hold a licence.

Following consideration of any such convictions, cautions, complaints or behaviour the Council will make a decision as to whether a licence should be granted or retained. In order to assist both applicants and existing drivers, guidelines have been prepared by the Council that provide clear information as to how such convictions etc. are considered. The Council will use these guidelines to make fair and consistent decisions when considering an applicant's suitability.

Correspondence and Updates

Notes from Taxi Consultation Forum meetings, correspondence to the licensed trade and other useful documents can be obtained from the downloads section on the right hand side of this page.

Public Registers

spreadsheets icon Taxi Driver Public Register - November 2014 [123kb]

spreadsheets icon Hackney Vehicle Public Register - November 2014 [63kb]

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