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Secondary school admissions

Secondary school admissions

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If your child was born between 1 September 2005 and 31 August 2006, he or she will be due to start secondary school in September 2017.

Parents will be invited to submit their preferences for the Secondary School they would like their child to attend. Preference forms will be sent via the child's Primary School in September 2016.

These forms need to be completed and returned by 31st October 2016.

Parents can also apply on line using the log-on details that will have been sent with the preference form. Please click here for details on the On-Line Admissions System.

Under the Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme, preference forms will be distributed to children from the Local Authority in which the child's home address is. Parents wishing to apply for a school in another Local Authority should complete the details on the application that has been given to them and the 'home' Local Authority will act as a co-ordinator between the other neighbouring Authorities.

A booklet is available containing information and help in the transition to secondary school. This also includes details of individual schools' admissions criteria. View a copy of the Primary and Secondary Education in Middlesbrough.

Timetable for Secondary School Admissions, September 2017 Intake

9th September 2016Letters sent to parents with common application form and on-line details
31st October 2016Closing date for return of forms or online applications
November-February 2017Preferences considered
1st March 2017Letter to parents confirming outcome of application.
May/June 2017Appeals as required

Letters and emails will be sent to parents on 1st March 2017 informing them which school their child will attend in September 2017.

In the event that a parent is not happy with the school that has been offered there is an appeals procedure.

If you have any queries regarding school admissions please Contact Us.

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