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Middlesbrough Council are a One Planet Council, working to create a more sustainable town

One Planet Living

Middlesbrough Council - We're a One Planet Council!

Middlesbrough Council's work to create a more sustainable town has received an international award.
We are the first council in the North of England - and only the second in the country and across the world - to receive accreditation as a One Planet Council.

The award has been made by BioRegional, a leading international environmental sustainability charity.
We have adopted their One Planet Living® framework across all the services we provide for the town.
The framework covers the familiar environmental concerns but also includes social and economic factors to offer an all-round approach to sustainability - whether it be developing a sustainable lifestyle, a sustainable household, sustainable council or a sustainable town.

We are working with key partner organisations to help them introduce One Planet Living principles into how they deliver their services.

The One Planet Living approach builds on our work with local people over the past 20 years or so to encourage environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

Taking action to become a more sustainable society is a local, national and international necessity.

The One Planet Living framework is a sustainability initiative developed by BioRegional and WWF (the Worldwide Fund for Nature).

Middlesbrough Council is working with key partners to help make a more sustainable town. We are branding this approach to sustainability under the One Planet Living banner.

One Planet Living recognises that we have only the resources of one planet to use, but that we are using more than our fair share of these resources. In fact our modern lifestyles use the resources of three planets. Obviously that's unsustainable. To live sustainable lifestyles - as individuals, families, employees, organisations or as a council - we must all live within our fair share of our one planet's resources.

There are 10 principles to living a One Planet Lifestyle.

The Council is using the One Planet Living approach to integrate action on a range of familiar environmental issues:

  • Tackling climate change and carbon emissions
  • Public Health
  • Promoting public transport, walking and cycling
  • Recycling or reducing waste
  • Saving energy
  • Conserving and protecting natural resources and habitats

But One Planet Living goes further, covering economic and social areas such as:

  • Using goods and services that are locally sourced wherever possible
  • Encouraging and promoting our local identity

By taking a One Planet Living approach we are:

  • Saving money by providing services more efficiently
  • Protecting and promoting our natural resources
  • Working towards economies that support fair trade and employment
  • Encouraging pride and participation in our local culture and heritage

That is the route that we believe will lead to a more sustainable town, which is more resilient to meet the challenges we face as a modern society. We see One Planet Living as the way we can all enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier town and live within our 'fair share' of the earth's resources.

You can calculate your own footprint and carbon emissions by using the One Planet Living Footprint calculator and use your personalised action plan to start living a One Planet lifestyle.

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