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How to repay Housing Benefit overpayment

There will be a change to your usual bin collection day on week commencing Monday 30 May, due to the extra Bank Holiday. Our crews will be working between Monday to Thursday and all refuse collections that week will move a day forward. View your bin collection calendar.

Online payment - available 24 hours

You can repay your Housing Benefit overpayment online.

Payment by telephone - available 24 hours

If you want to repay your Housing Benefit overpayment by phone please call 01642 726726 at any time and have the following details ready:

  • Your 5-digit invoice number (the system will ask for a seven digit number - please enter 00 followed by your 5-digit invoice number)
  • Your debit or credit card details
  • The amount you want to repay

Please note: a unique reference number will be given to you when you make your payment, please remember to keep this.

Payment by Direct Debit

If you don't already pay by Direct Debit but would like to do so, you can call Revenue Services on 01642 726006 (10am to 4pm) and your Direct Debit will be set up immediately. Please remember to have all your bank details ready when you call.

If you cannot call us during those hours, you can get in touch with us by emailing

Middlesbrough Council has a flexible approach to Direct Debits, and offers a range of payment dates to suit individual circumstances.

Payment by standing order

Repayments can be made direct from your bank or building society account by standing order.

Please contact the Overpayment Recovery Section on 01642 726006 (10am to 4pm) so we can complete the paperwork for you. A letter will then be sent to you confirming the instalment arrangement and our bank details. You'll then need to take this letter to your bank or building society who will set up the standing order on your bank account.

Payment by personal visit

You can pay by taking your invoice and your payment to the Customer Centre at Middlesbrough House.

You can also pay anywhere displaying the PayPoint and Post Office logos.

Payment by Post Office or PayPoint

Payments are also accepted free of charge at any Post Office or establishment displaying the PayPoint logo. You will need to take your invoice, which shows the barcode on the front, with you. A separate receipt will be provided which you should keep as proof of payment.

If you pay by cheque at a Post Office, the cheque should be crossed and made payable to 'Post Office Counters Ltd'.

Find your nearest Post Office.

Payment by post

Cheques and postal orders should be crossed and made payable to 'Middlesbrough Council', and forwarded to:

Revenue Services
PO Box 2
Middlesbrough House
50 Corporation Road

Cash must not be sent through the post.

Post-dated and third party cheques, or cheques on non-standard stationary, will not be accepted. Please state your invoice number when sending payment. The council isn't responsible for payments lost in the post.

Getting a phone call about your Housing Benefit overpayment

We've started using a new phone service to contact customers who have a Housing Benefit overpayment to repay.

If you're called by the new phone service, your call will come from 01642 843048 (Housing Benefit overpayment).

You cannot use this number to get in touch with us. You can contact us about benefits, Council Tax, and Business Rates by calling 01642 726006.

Is this a scam?

No. If you get a call from 01642843048 then it is not a scam.

  • If you get a phone call, you will be asked to press 1 to speak to a caseworker at Middlesbrough Council.
  • If you get a voicemail, you will be given a number to call to speak to a caseworker at Middlesbrough Council.
  • If you get a text message, you will be given a number to call to speak to a caseworker at Middlesbrough Council.

You will not be asked to give any personal information before you press 1, or phone the number, to speak to a caseworker.