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Are you working?

If you or someone in your household is working, we'll need to see proof of your earnings.

If you have payslips

Please provide your last five weekly payslips if you're paid weekly, or the last two payslips if you're paid every four weeks or every month. If your weekly varies every week, please provide your last eight weekly payslips.

You can upload your payslips prior to coming to sign your application form in person. If you can't upload your payslips, please bring all the relevant information with you when you come to sign your application form.

Send us your payslips online.

If you don't have payslips

If you don't have any payslips, you can ask your employer to complete a form for you.

Download the employers earnings certificate form.

Once completed, either upload the form or bring it with you when you come to sign your application form.

Send us the employers earnings certificate form online.

If someone in your household has just started work, on the claim form you should state who their employer is, the hourly rate they'll be paid, and the number of hours a week they're likely to work. We can pay your claim provisionally until they have the required payslips. If you've not put this information on your application form, please tell the advisor when you come to sign your application form.