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Cemeteries and crematorium

The risks of coronavirus remain high. To keep everyone safe, please stay cautious. Get the latest information about coronavirus.

Top tasks for Cemeteries and crematorium

Check the Bereavement Services update for the latest coronavirus information. The Bereavement Services office is closed until further notice, following public health guidance.

There are a lot of things to take care of when someone passes away. Find out more about what you need to do when someone dies.

For advice about burials and cremations, you can contact the Bereavement Services Office and our friendly, caring staff will be happy to help.

Direct cremations are also available. Please contact us on 01642 817725 to find out more. Alternatively, anyone interested in alternative or less expensive ways of arranging a funeral can contact the Natural Death Centre, a consumer advice charity concerned with dying at home, death care, and preparing funerals. Their advice covers various options including arranging a funeral without using a funeral director.

The rules of management for cemeteries and crematorium set out acceptable behaviour in cemeteries, and how memorials can be decorated.

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