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England is now in lockdown again. A number of businesses must close and there are more restrictions on meeting people. Find out what this means for you.

Our cemeteries are currently closed except for those attending funerals or commemorative events, or who wish to pay their respects. To keep everyone safe, cemeteries cannot be used for any other reasons, for example exercise, dog walking, or meeting others.

Read our latest updates and advice for everything you need to know.

Safety in cemeteries

We want you to be safe in our cemeteries. It's natural for the ground in cemeteries to become uneven and for some memorials to break up, fall over, or to need to be made safe by being laid flat. Please take extra care to watch where you're treading.

Please respect our cemeteries and avoid touching the memorials; they're all owned by the friends and families of those buried nearby.

Visitors with dogs are always welcome, but they must be kept on a lead, and you need to remember to scoop the poop.

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