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Linthorpe Cemetery

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Linthorpe Cemetery is one of Middlesbrough's oldest graveyards. The 52 acre cemetery is a repository of our civic heritage, charting the town's industrial growth in the 19th and 20th centuries.

There are lots of old and broken memorials in the cemetery, and many have been laid flat to make them safe, so please be careful when walking in the cemetery. The memorials (both intact or laid flat) are all privately owned, so please avoid touching them. They are all important to us and we ask that you respect this.

The cemetery is a designated Local Nature Reserve and the Friends of Linthorpe Cemetery regularly hold history, nature, and environmental events throughout the year.

Parts of the cemetery are a designated nature reserve, so we limit our maintenance in these parts to help support wildlife and biodiversity.

The following graves are available:

  • woodland graves
  • traditional graves
  • public graves
  • re-used single depth graves

Find out more about the different types of graves.

Burials for specific religions/denominations

For members of the Hebrew congregation, the section currently in use is on the north east side of Linthorpe Cemetery on Ayresome Green Lane and contains The Prayer Hall.

There is also a Quaker burial ground adjacent to Ayresome Green Lane.


Linthorpe Cemetery, Burlam Road, Middlesbrough, TS5 5AN

Opening times - 2021

Days Times
Monday to Sunday

1 February to 7 March - 8am to 5pm

8 March to 21 March - 8am to 6pm

22 March to 11 April - 8am to 7pm

12 April to 29 August - 8am to 8pm

30 August to 24 October - 8am to 7pm

25 October to 31 October - 8am to 5pm

1 November onwards - 8am to 4pm

Please note, these times are a general rule but may vary slightly depending on weather conditions. We want to maximise the amount of time that relatives can spend in the cemeteries but we must also consider safety during poor weather.

In the autumn, as the nights draw in, the closing times are changed when the sunset time gets within 10 to 15 minutes of the hour, or a little more if this is over a weekend. If the weather is going through a particularly dark and cloudy spell, we may bring the date of the change forward slightly to ensure the public are kept safe.

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