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This week's inquests

The inquests listed here are for this week. Details of future inquests can be found on the next week's inquests page.

Middlesbrough Town Hall address: Middlesbrough Town Hall (access via Centre Square), Middlesbrough, TS1 2QJ

Magistrates' Court address: Court 15, Teesside Magistrates' Court, Albert Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 2AS

Week commencing: Monday 13 July 2020

Day Inquest
Monday 13 July

10:30am - Ashleigh Phillipa Challoner - O&C

11am - Carl Jason Lee - O&C

11:30am - Sarah Denise Millington - O&C

12pm - Paul Mannion - O&C

1:30pm - Jayne Elizabeth Haslett - O&C

2pm - Lillian Jane Morris - O&C

2:30pm - Terence Adamson - adjournment to Crown Court

All taking place at Teesside Magistrates' Court.

Tuesday 14 July No inquests planned
Wednesday 15 July No inquests planned
Thursday 16 July

10am - Natasha O'Hara - O&C

10:15am - Terry Treloar - O&C

10:30am - Jamie Tant Marsden - O&C

10:45am - Keith Lancaster - O&C

11am - Allen Dobson - O&C

11:15am - George Elcoate - O&C

11:30am - Robert Vennard - O&C

1pm - David Edward McMahon - O&C

1:15pm - Rachael Anderson - O&C

1:30pm - Thomas Lee Morgan - O&C

2pm - Paul Summersgill - O&C

2:15pm - Arthur Brown - O&C

2:30pm - David Hughes - O&C

2:45pm - Patricia Cone - O&C

3pm - Charles Hadyn Coyle - O&C

3:15pm - Owen Hanratty - O&C

3:30pm - Joseph Peart - O&C

3:45pm - Doreen Portus - O&C

All taking place at Teesside Magistrates' Court.

Friday 17 July No inquests planned

Understanding the inquest list

We use abbreviations in the inquest list to keep it easy to read, but we know not everyone will understand what they mean. Here are explanations of the abbreviations we use the most.


O&A stands for 'open and adjourn'. This means that the actual inquest will take place at a later date. This is because the coroner needs to get more information before they can decide on a cause of death.


O&C stands for 'open and conclude'. This means that the inquest will be finished in one day. At the end, the coroner will make a decision about the cause of death.


PIR stands for 'pre-inquest review'. This is a hearing, or hearings, which are held before the inquest takes place. A pre-inquest review is used if an inquest will be very complex. It will decide on things like what the inquest will cover, what information will be needed, and which witnesses and experts will need to attend.

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