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About doing business with Middlesbrough Council

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The 'How to Do Business with Middlesbrough Council' document explains the council's processes and procedures to help businesses to understand how the council works. Below is a brief summary of what is contained in the document.


In order to procure products and services, the council has various procurement routes which it has to follow. Please note these can change at any time.

Works Goods, materials, services Light Touch Regime Consultants Tendering procedure
Up to £15,999 Up to £15,999 Up to £15,999 Up to £15,999

Neither written quotations nor tenders need to be invited.

Ensure value for money by using local suppliers where possible.

£16,000 -

£16,000 -£189,330

£16,000 -
£16,000 -

At least three written quotations from local suppliers where possible.

The quotation system must be used for quotations.

Tenders can be sought but this is optional.

£1,000,001 -
n/a n/a n/a

At least four tenders must be sought.

The tender advert(s) must be placed on the government Contracts Finder website.

The NEPO portal must be used.

Over £4,733,252
(EU threshold)
Over £189,330
(EU threshold)
Over £663,540
(EU threshold)
Over £181,302
(EU threshold)

EU Procedure - OJEU notice.

At least 5 tenders must be sought, ensuring that the tender process complies with EU Directives.

The NEPO portal must be used.

BUY BORO - supporting local businesses and SMEs (quotations)

Middlesbrough Council supports local businesses by using a simplified quotation procedure for purchases between £16,000 - £181,302 (goods and services) and £16,000 - £1,000,000 (works), which can be directed at the local market.

Quotations are carried out via the NEPO e-tendering portal. Suppliers should register themselves free of charge if they haven't done so already. Registration should be done through the NEPO portal. If you're already registered, please update your company profile. It's important to make sure your profile contains:

  • the appropriate categories for your organisation
  • your company classification
  • your postcode
  • a correct email address

​If you're unable to register or log into the system, or have any technical queries, please contact the NEPO Portal Helpdesk by calling 0330 005 0352 or via email to

For general queries about NEPO, call 0191 261 3940 or email

Advertising contracts

Middlesbrough Council follows set procedures when advertising contracts, as well as European and national legislation.

If a contract opportunity needs to be tendered via an OJEU procurement process, it will be formally advertised via an OJEU Contract Notice. To search for these tenders please visit the Tenders Electronic Daily website, which is maintained by the European Commission.

To find Middlesbrough Council's contracts, fill in the search fields as follows:

  • Select language (EN)
  • Select 'extended search'
  • Search scope = last five editions (drop down box)
  • County = UK (drop down box)
  • Type of authority = regional or local authority (drop down box)
  • Authority name = Middlesbrough (input)

Contract opportunities that don’t fall under OJEU procurement will be advertised through the NEPO Portal and the government's Contracts Finder website.

Purchase Orders

Middlesbrough Council will only pay an invoice which includes an order number provided by the council when ordering the goods, services or works.

Please note, if an order number isn't provided, you must request one before confirming the delivery of the goods or services, as without one, the council will return the invoice.

Paying an invoice

You can pay a Middlesbrough Council invoice using the online form. Invoice numbers are 7 or 10 digits long.


If you have any queries, please contact:

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