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Caring for our people

Children's Services

Middlesbrough Council Children’s Services is fast improving, with a clear vision and focus on what are good outcomes for our children. There are few careers more rewarding than working with children.

Whilst these jobs come with their share of challenges, each day presents an opportunity to inspire minds, shape young lives and support a child’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Whether you want to work with early years, school age, teenagers and their families, become a nursery nurse, support children with disabilities, or work as an educational psychologist, you can really help those children make the changes they need to achieve their goals and reach their true potential.

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Adult Social Care and Public Health

Working in Adult Social Care can make a real difference to the lives in our community. With a wide range of services supporting adults with disabilities, dementia, sensory loss and those suffering with mental health and emotional issues. We promote independence, tackle stigma, and enable people to continue to live in their own homes. With roles including care assistants, social workers, support workers, and practitioners, this is more then just a job. If you want to make a difference to your life, care for somebody else’s.

Public Health offers opportunities to work with our community and partners to help encourage healthy lifestyles and provide services including cancer prevention programmes, sexual health, drug, alcohol and stop smoking advice. We work to address mental health and emotional wellbeing, obesity and nutrition, physical inactivity, workplace health, ageing well, and diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention. The Live Well Centre is a health and wellbeing hub which brings together a range of wellbeing services for the community to help tackle some of the leading causes of health inequalities in Middlesbrough.

Public Protection and Trading Standards have a direct impact on improving and protecting our people’s health and wellbeing. This includes working in food safety, housing standards, air quality, noise and environment issues, and licensing. Whether you're starting out in your career or have a wealth of experience, if making a difference to the health of our community and environment appeals to you, check out our current vacancies and become part of this amazing team.

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Caring for our place

Regeneration and Culture

Regeneration and Culture is at the heart of the Council’s ambitious plans, which will impact on the whole community. We're attracting new businesses and inward investment, growing employment and training opportunities, influencing the environment through planning and building control to ensure high quality developments, supporting local businesses, enabling safe and efficient transport links and diverse housing growth.

Future plans include investment in Middlesbrough’s Boho Zone, the digital business hub of the Tees Valley. With a strong cultural sector including museums, galleries, theatres, and entertainment venues which attract national acclaim, this is a really exciting place to work. If you want to be part of our journey, check out our current vacancies.

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Environment and Community Services

Environment and Community Services has a diverse range of jobs, from waste collection, cleaning, and maintaining our parks and open spaces, to caring for bereaved families, to improving our roads, there is certainly a lot to choose from. These jobs have a massive impact on the lives of our residents and those visiting our fantastic area.

In a typical day, we serve around 12,500 school meals, empty bins for 38,000 properties, clean the equivalent of 40 football pitches, maintain 300 miles of roads, and care for over 40,000 square feet of greenery.

Neighbourhood Safety Wardens are passionate about the town, building confidence within the communities and checking the welfare of the residents of Middlesbrough. Being a Neighbourhood Safety Warden can be fun and extremely rewarding. If you have passion for our town, if you can develop great relationships, use your initiative to solve problems, and display confidence in challenging situations, this could be the job for you.

Caring for our organisation

Legal and Governance and Strategy

A career in law is certainly varied at Middlesbrough Council; we provide a broad range of legal advice including child and adult welfare, education, planning, environment, licensing, and litigation, both at operational and strategic level. We provide a framework for decisions to be taken legally and transparently.

Our Legal services are critical to the businesses and families of Middlesbrough, meaning our work can be challenging but exceptionally rewarding. We can match - if not better - the private sector in a legal career, whether you've just started out in law, are well on your way to qualifying, or are a fully qualified law professional.

Strategy, Information and Governance roles cover health and safety, effective and legally compliant information governance processes, resolving complaints fairly and swiftly, meeting statutory requirements, ensuring processes are as efficient as possible, managing performance and risks, and also the provision of excellent customer service.

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Finance, HR, Information and Governance and ICT

Finance offers a broad range of jobs, providing financial advice and support, monitoring the Council’s budgets, adhering to statutory requirements, and supporting our financial management system. We also provide a customer-focused pension function, with over 70,000 members and 155 employers, pay £76 million in Housing Benefit and £15 million in Council Tax Reduction to over 23,000 people, collect in excess of £98 million in overpaid benefits, commission and procure goods and services, and lots, lots more.

There are many reasons why people choose a career in HR, here are some of them: to be involved in recruiting talent, to develop employees to be the best they can be, to assist in embedding our values, supporting managers to follow our HR policies, driving transformation through our people and HR systems and payroll delivery. There is also a large spectrum of jobs, for example: HR support assistants, payroll officers, HR system specialists, HR and OD business partners. Yes it's a cliché, but our organisation is only as good as its employees.

Do you want to be an integral part of moving the Council forward? Do you have the drive and desire to transform not only the way we work, but also where and how we work? Then maybe a job in ICT could be for you. With a wide range of roles in system development, security, network infrastructure, IT projects, and providing first class support and advice to the end user, check out our current vacancies and join the team.

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