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Volunteering FAQs

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How do I become a volunteer?

Look at our current opportunities and see if there's anything you're interested in. If there is, please complete an application form.

If there's nothing you're interested in, please email explaining a little about yourself and what type of volunteering you're interested in, and we'll see what we can do.  

How long will it take until I can start?

This varies depending on what type of volunteering you want to do, but we'll aim for you to start within 6 weeks.

If you want to volunteer with children, young people or vulnerable adults this will take longer as you will need to have a DBS check before you can start.

For other roles it will depend on how many people are interested in the role, the workload of the manager, whether the start date is dependant on something else such as the opening of a new building, and your own commitments.

If you have applied for a role and have had no response, or are concerned about how long it has been since you heard something, please email

What is a DBS?

If you're volunteering with vulnerable adults, children or young people you'll need to have a Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check. This will be carried out as part of your recruitment as a volunteer and won't cost you anything. You won't be able to start volunteering until your DBS certificate arrives. It's important that you declare any criminal convictions or police cautions during your initial meeting to become a volunteer. Having these won't necessarily stop you from volunteering, as each case will be assessed on an individual basis.

How much time do I need to volunteer for?

This is entirely up to you. Some roles may require certain time commitments, and others will be flexible and built around your availability. It's important to be reliable if you commit to volunteering at a certain time, as it will cause problems if you don't turn up.

Can I still volunteer if I work full-time?

Of course. There's no reason why you can't volunteer if you're in full-time employment, and we have a wide variety of opportunities that are out of office hours. We also have a register for people that can't volunteer on a regular basis or only want to volunteer at one-off events.

I'm still at school, can I volunteer?

Of course. Please email us at for more information.

Do I have to work the same hours every week?

Not always. However, if you've agreed to work the same time and place every week then it's important that you keep your commitment (if you need to change you'd discuss this with your manager). You can discuss with your manager if you wish to volunteer on a more flexible basis.

What do I need to become a volunteer?

This depends on the role you volunteer to do. Each opportunity will have a role description, which will talk about what you need to have. For some roles this may be qualifications, for others experience or a particular interest, and those working with vulnerable adults, children or young people will need a DBS check.

Will I get paid if I volunteer?

No, you won't get paid as a volunteer. You may be able to get your expenses refunded depending on the type of volunteering you're doing.

Will I get any training if I volunteer?

This depends on the role. You'll get an induction, which will include any training required to carry out the role. More training may be offered if it is linked to the role you're doing.

Is volunteering the same as a work placement?

No. The council have a different policy for work placements. If you're interested in a work placement please contact