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What happens when your social worker visits

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When your social worker visits you'll be able to talk to them alone. So you can say anything you want without worrying about other people hearing. They'll also talk to your foster carer or key worker about how you're getting on.

Your social worker is there to help you understand what's going on. You can ask them any questions about being in care, your care plan, contacting your family and friends, and what will happen in the future.

You can say honestly how you feel about what's written in your care plan. Or how you're feeling in general, whether you're happy, sad, scared, or something else. You can also tell them if there's something you need and don't have, like stuff for school.

If there are choices you need to make, like about where you live, they'll support you to make them.

Your social worker will get to know you really well. They'll find out about your interests, so you can talk about fun things you've been doing too. We want you to be happy while you're in care, so your social worker will be glad to know that you're doing things you enjoy.