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When you'll see your social worker

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Your social worker is a really important person in your life when you're in care, so you'll see them a lot.

Going into care might feel strange or scary, but you'll see your social worker within a week of going into foster care or a children's home. They'll be able to explain things, and you can talk to them about how you feel.

After the first week is over, you'll see your social worker at least every six weeks during your first year in care.

After the first year is over, you'll see your social worker every three months.

But there's no rule that says they can't visit more often than that. You, or your foster carer or key worker, can contact your social worker and ask them to visit if you need to talk to them.

If where you're living changes, your social worker will start their visits back at the beginning. So they'll visit you in the first week, then every six weeks (for the first year), then every three months (after the first year).