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MOMO (Mind Of My Own)

Restrictions are starting to ease, but you must still remember: Hands. Face. Space. Fresh air. Check the current rules.

What does MOMO One do?

MOMO One is an app that helps children and young people to communicate their views. Young people create their own account on MOMO One, which can be used on any device. This means that young people can use the app to say how they are feeling and what they need, in a way that suits them.

MOMO One enables young people to be more actively involved in their lives and is an accessible and empowering way to tell their workers about things that are important to them. 

What does MOMO Express do?

MOMO Express is a co-designed, innovative and user-friendly app that helps young children and those with learning disabilities express their views, wishes and feelings.

It helps you reach those children who may otherwise struggle to communicate their views to you. MOMO Express is an accessible app, designed to be used by children alongside a worker.

You can access MOMO Express through your worker account

How MOMO works

You can access MOMO One and your worker account through a web browser on any device with an internet connection. 

Young people can also download the MOMO One app on to Android and Apple devices.

MOMO needs an internet connection to work. You can use either Wi-Fi or mobile data.

If you would like to use MOMO on a tablet or computer and there is no Wi-Fi available where you are, most phones can use their mobile data signal to create Wi-Fi (tethering/hotspotting).

How to set up your worker

Go to the MOMO website.

Click 'Sign up', enter your details, and wait for your account to be approved by your Service admin.

After approval you will receive an email with the steps you need to complete in order for your account to be activated.

When working with a young person, sign in to your worker account and create a profile for them. Through this profile you can enable the young person to access both MOMO One and MOMO Express.


For more information about MOMO, contact:

Beth Bradshaw
Phone: 07773649075