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Staying warm this winter with the Staying Put Agency

The Staying Put Agency can help you stay warm this winter

Cold winter weather is a big concern to many older, vulnerable, and disabled people, and often they don't know how to get help and support.

We can help you by providing:

  • winter warmth essentials, like fleeces, blankets, hats, gloves, and shoe grippers
  • boiler servicing and repairs 
  • emergency loan heaters
  • practical advice and support

For more information and to discuss how we can help, call the Staying Put Agency on 0800 5875 184, or email

Top tips to stay warm and safe this winter

1. Don't let the cold catch you out this winter! Check the weather forecast and be ready for cold weather. Ask family or neighbours to keep you updated if the weather turns cold.

2. A hot meal a day helps to keep the cold away. Hot meals and soups will keep you warm. Stock up on tinned, dried, and frozen foods as they will stay fresh.

3. Have plenty of hot drinks. Drinking plenty of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate will help to keep you warm. Remember to only boil the amount of water you need each time, as this will save you money too.

4. Make sure you can get your medicines. If the weather turns bad you may not be able to collect or have your medicines delivered. Check the forecasts and make sure you have enough in stock.

5. Protect yourself this winter by getting a flu jab. The flu is much more serious than a cold; it often leads to a hospital stay, and can even be fatal. Keep yourself safe and make sure you have your flu jab. Your doctor's surgery or local pharmacy will be able to help you with this.

6. Get to know the timer and thermostat on your heating system. This way you can heat your home without wasting energy. Keep the rooms you spend most time in warm. During the day your living room (or the room you use most) should be 21°c. Heat your bedroom to 18°c before you go to bed.

7. Stay snug and warm with lots of layers. Wear a few layers of thin clothing rather than one thick layer. This will trap the heat better to keep you warm. Socks and hats are great too, and are a good idea to keep you warm in bed.

8. Tuck curtains behind radiators. This will keep more heat in the room. Also think about using draught excluders for your doors.

9. Keep moving if you can. This will help keep you warm. Try not to sit for more than one hour, try to get up and walk around. If walking is difficult, try moving your arms and legs whilst sitting or wiggling your fingers and toes.

10. Get wrapped up. Cover yourself with a blanket or shawl if you're sitting for long periods. This will help keep you warm. Try to put your feet up if you can, as the air is colder near the floor.

To speak to a caseworker, call the Staying Put Agency on 0800 5875 184, or email We're happy to speak to you or visit you at home to discuss how we can help you over the winter months.