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Covid Winter Grant application

National lockdown: Stay at home. You must not leave your home unless necessary. Find out what you can and cannot do.

Covid Winter Grant payments are intended to offer some support to households with dependent children, for essential items like food, utilities, and warm clothing for their families. Please use the flowchart above to see if you're entitled to a grant. It will tell you if you're eligible for a grant, and if so, which one, so please choose the options which best suit your circumstances. It's very important that you choose the right application form or this will delay any payment. If you're not sure, or you're struggling to use the flowchart, all the information is also available further down this page.

The Covid Winter Grant is to support you during the school holidays only. It's not intended to replace your child's free school meals during term time. Your child's school will take care of their free school meals.

If you're entitled to a payment, you'll be sent a text message from Middlesbrough Council. It will be titled 'MBC Award'.

How much can I get - February half term payment

If you’re eligible for a Covid Winter Grant, the amount you get will depend on how many children you have. These are the amounts payable for the February half term 2021 payment.

Number of children

Total amount payable



















How to claim your payment

You'll be sent a payment voucher by text message. That payment voucher must be claimed within 7 days.

Any vouchers which need re-issuing (because they have not been claimed within 7 days) can be claimed until Friday 5 March 2021.

Easter holidays payment

If you're getting free school meals and we've already made a payment to you in February, you'll automatically get a payment in March for the Easter holidays.

We'll confirm in mid-March how much the Easter holiday payment will be. The payment will be based on the number of children in your household at that time, as long as you still meet the criteria for a grant.

The payment will be made to your mobile phone number again. If your number changes, you must let us know by emailing, otherwise you may not get your payment.

Who can apply?

Households with dependent children who need some support with essential items like food, utilities, and warm clothing.

Covid Winter Grant (households getting Council Tax Reduction)

The payment is available to anyone who meets all of the following criteria:

Covid Winter Grant (households not getting Council Tax Reduction)

The payment is available to anyone who meets all of the following criteria:

Borderline Crisis Award (change of personal circumstances)

If you're not eligible for the grants above, but you've had a change in your personal circumstances due to coronavirus which has left you in financial need, you may be eligible for support. You can apply for a Borderline Crisis Award if you have dependent children living with you, and your change in circumstances means you're struggling to pay for food, utilities, warm clothing, and other essential items.

If you're eligible, you'll get a one-off payment. The funding for Borderline Crisis Awards is limited, so payments will be given on a first-come, first-served basis, once we get your fully completed application form. The closing date for the applications is Friday 26 February 2021.

Please choose 'I need assistance due to circumstances related to Coronavirus / COVID-19' when you're applying.

How will the payment be made?

You will get a text message to your mobile phone titled ‘MBC Award’. It will include instructions on how to claim your payment. Your text message will include the information below.

MBC Award

(£) Amount to be paid.
Date: When your voucher needs to be redeemed by.
Link: To find your local Paypoint outlet.
Contact number: If you have any difficulties.

You’ll have 7 days to claim your payment at any Paypoint location. Find your nearest PayPoint. Do not delete the text until you’ve claimed your payment.

Due to the number of payments we’re making, some PayPoint locations may not have enough money to give you your payment, and you may need to go to another PayPoint location to claim your payment.

Please note

We're making payments as soon as possible. Where the information we have on file is different to the information in the application form, there maybe a slight delay in payment being made, while we investigate these discrepancies.

If you've submitted more than one application form, there may be a slight delay in payment being made as we have to check both applications.

We've received a number of applications from customers who are not getting Council Tax Reduction (CTR). There are different Covid Winter Grants available depending on your circumstances, please make sure you apply for the right one.