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Help with your energy bills

Council Tax Energy Rebate

The Council Tax Energy Rebate is a one-off £150 payment for eligible properties in Council Tax bands A to D. If you pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, you'll get your rebate payment within 14 days of us receiving your Council Tax payment. If you don't pay by Direct Debit, we'll contact you to let you know how to claim your rebate. Find out more and stay up to date on the Council Tax Energy Rebate page.

Household Support Fund

Applications for the Household Support Fund are now open. Grants are aimed at pensioners, households with children who are not of school age or who do not get free school meals, and households without children. To find out more and apply, visit the Household Support Fund page.

Gas and electric

Get help with your gas and electric

The Community Support Scheme helps people who are in crisis and need immediate support. We can offer help in specific circumstances, for a range of different items or needs, including gas and electric.

Find out more and apply for help through the Community Support Scheme.

Advice about gas and electricity

Middlesbrough Affordable Warmth Partnership gives free and independent advice on your household energy bills. This includes:

  • making sure you're getting the best energy deals
  • help with applying for the Warm Homes Discount and Priority Services Register
  • arranging payment plans
  • help with applying for fuel debt write-offs
  • energy saving advice
  • checking your eligibility for boiler replacement and insulation schemes
  • referrals for emergency heating, benefit checks, and more

For more information, call the Freephone line on 0800 3047084 or email

Stay Safe and Warm

The Cleveland Fire Brigade Stay Safe and Warm scheme is free, and open to anyone living in Cleveland. No age restrictions apply.

Through the scheme, you can borrow heaters and other equipment as needed (after a free home assessment). So whether you have a short-term problem like a boiler breakdown, or an ongoing heating issue, they can help.

Call 01429 874063 for help. The line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they aim to respond within an hour of being contacted.

Other support

You may be able to get a government grant depending on your circumstances or any benefits you're getting. The government website has more information about:

The Energy Saving Trust website has advice on:

Water bills

If you're struggling to pay your water bill, your supplier can offer you advice and free water-saving devices to help reduce your bills. You can find out more on your water supplier's website.

You should speak to your water supplier as soon as possible if you can't pay your bill, or if you already owe them money. Visit the Citizens Advice website to find out what to say to your water supplier. They also have information about schemes set up by water companies to help you pay your bill.

StepChange has advice on how to deal with being in arrears (debt) on your water bill.

Help if you are in arrears (debt)

Gas and electricity are priority bills. You should try to pay these bills first, because they can cause particularly serious problems if you don't do anything about them. You can find out more about priority debts on Citizens Advice.

If you don't pay your gas or electricity bill, you're at risk of having your supply cut off. This is why you should talk to your energy provider as soon as possible if you're unable to pay, or you're already in arrears (debt). They might be able to put you on a cheaper tariff to reduce your future bills, or tell you about any support they offer to help with your bills.

You can find out more about gas and electricity arrears on the National Debtline website.

If you're in arrears on your bills, you might be able to get a 'breathing space' protection. This means you will not be contacted about paying off your debts for up to 60 days. It gives you time to improve your financial situation, so you're ready to start paying off your debts once the protection ends. Ask your debt advice provider for more information about breathing spaces.

Citizens Advice has advice on what to do if you're in arrears and your supplier is threatening to cut off your energy supply.

If you can't afford to pay your water bill because you're in debt, there are lots of places where you can get free advice about debt.