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Community Ambassador 'Ask Me' scheme

Do you want to help make a difference to women in your local area?

People within a survivor's community are often the first to know that domestic abuse is happening. But lack of understanding and confidence can make people afraid to talk about it, and unsure of how to respond when someone speaks out. Survivors can feel judged, isolated or silenced by their community. We are changing that through the Change That Lasts 'Ask Me' scheme.

The project equips everyday people with an understanding of domestic abuse and how to respond to survivors to enable the community to play an active role in ending domestic abuse. My Sisters Place offers free online or in-person training courses to those from all backgrounds and identities where you will learn about domestic abuse, how to challenge the stereotypes surrounding it, and how to listen to, believe, and direct survivors to specialist support.

After the training, ambassadors are given resources and support to share what they have learned with those around them in ways that feel most comfortable to them. They are encouraged to start conversations about domestic abuse that will help others to better understand the barriers that survivors face in speaking out. An ambassador can commit as much or as little time as they can give. My Sisters Place will keep in touch with new opportunities and events such as meet-ups, campaign involvement, and volunteering.

Upcoming training sessions are:

  • online - Tuesday 1 February and Tuesday 8 February 2022 (limited spaces left)
  • online - Tuesday 1 March and Tuesday 8 March 2022
  • face-to-face - Monday 4 April and Monday 11 April 2022

If you would like to discuss further or sign up please email or call 07925 648089.