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Town centre evacuation

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 requires the emergency services, local authority and others to prepare plans to deal with emergency situations. The response to such situations may require evacuating part or the whole of Middlesbrough town centre.

Cleveland Emergency Planning Unit in association with Middlesbrough Council and Cleveland Police have produced a Town Centre Evacuation Plan to assist businesses and residents of Middlesbrough should they be evacuated.

Middlesbrough town centre map

The zoning of Middlesbrough town centre aims to ensure that only the areas where evacuation is essential are affected. The town centre has been split into 35 zones which vary in size, but as far as possible have naturally defined boundaries. This makes it easier to identify and isolate specific areas.

As far as possible zones have been created that reflect principle use eg business, retail, entertainment, transport, residential, etc. Larger complexes such as Middlesbrough College, Teesside University, Hillstreet Centre, Middlesbrough Football Club etc., are generally contained within separate evacuation zones.

View the town centre zone map.

Business continuity management

All businesses in Middlesbrough, large or small, are vulnerable to accidents and emergencies. It is recognised that smaller businesses have fewer resources to devote to planning, and to deploy in a response and recovery effort after an incident. However, it is nevertheless important that they spend some time and effort to develop basic steps for business continuity.

While acts of terrorism can disrupt all businesses and should be planned for, they are still relatively rare. However, incidents such as power failure or flooding due to a broken water main, can deprive a business of electrical or water supplies and damage or destroy stock or documents.

For further information on business continuity management please visit the Cleveland Emergency Planning Unit website.