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Welcome to Middlesbrough

"Welcome to Middlesbrough, a city with a rich and dynamic history and culture, built on migration. Middlesbrough is home to friendly people and offers a lot of opportunities in terms of employment, education, and leisure. This makes it a great place to live and work, and to raise a family.

The information you will find on these pages will tell you about the services and support we offer to our asylum seeker and refugee community. We also invite you to explore the rest of our website to learn more about the council's services and departments, and find out how our town's government operates.

Finally, we hope that the following pages will also be an opportunity for you to become involved in our town. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available, and we always encourage community participation in any issues that matter to all of us."

- Andy Preston, Mayor of Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough has a reputation for being friendly, warm, and welcoming, and for offering everybody a real sense of community. We have lots of activities all year long that celebrate our cultural diversity, and we really try to get the people of our town involved in telling us what they like and don’t like. We hope that the following information will make you feel welcomed and home.

Please contact the Strategic Cohesion and Migration Manager if you have any questions.

Getting help

Asylum support and Middlesbrough Council - what help is available?

Where else can I get help? (groups and charities who can give you help and support)

Quick links (where to go for advice, to find a job or get benefits, find a doctor or a dentist)

Immigration advice

Getting immigration advice (the different kinds of immigration advice, and where to find an immigration advisor)

Indefinite Leave to Remain and citizenship (how and when you can get 'Indefinite Leave to Remain', and how you can apply for British citizenship)

Getting a decision

Waiting for a decision (where you can get help and support while you're waiting for a decision on your application for asylum)

Getting a positive decision (what to do when you've got a positive decision on your asylum application and what things you'll need to think about)

Things you'll need to know about after getting a positive decision:

Getting a negative decision or deciding to return home


Safety at home (how to stay safe at home, including stopping accidents and fires happening)

Safety in your neighbourhood (keeping yourself safe when you're outside, and reporting crime or bad behaviour)

Crime (how to report crime, and what happens when you do)

Safeguarding (keeping children and vulnerable people safe)

Contact us

You can contact the Strategic Cohesion and Migration Manager by emailing

Feedback about the asylum support service (read feedback we've had from people and organisations we work with).

Latest news about the asylum support service

About Middlesbrough

The history of Middlesbrough

Useful information about Middlesbrough (including places to go, and transport information)


Some of the information on this website has been provided through the Transition Guide website.

All information in this section is correct as of 28/03/19, when it was last updated.


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