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Feedback on the LAASLO team

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We've collected some of the great feedback we've had from people we've helped, and other organisations we've worked with.

Thanks so much for your amazing support. I would like to let you know that I’m going to start ‘access to higher education engineering’ course at Middlesbrough College for one year then university hopefully. Thanks for helping me out.

Thanks for helping me, god bless you.

Good morning sir, thank you so much for the email, GOD bless you. I appreciate so much.

I am very appreciate you and thanks you so much.

The LAASLO have enhanced the quality of the work as they are present in the community and signpost new arrivals to the orientation sessions. They are visible in the community and offer immediate support, they have vast knowledge of support services in the area.

I do believe the LAASLO has become a positive project and supports the most vulnerable migrants who live in Middlesbrough.

Just I would like to say for Jolande and Andy for their kind and professional help in all regards.

The team has transformed the experience of asylum seekers and refugees, and there is more support for frontline services and the VCS. Their presence in the community has been positive and welcomed.

Dear Andy and Jolande, I'd like to pass on the very positive comments I've heard already about your new service.

Friends of families whom you've recently supported have told me how very much they've appreciated your 'rapid response'!

Vital help with issues such as opening a bank account, registering for benefits and setting up utilities (not to mention practical help with actual moving) has been really valuable. From my own experience of spending literally hours helping people with limited English with 'paperwork problems' and becoming part of the 'system' I'm sure that your support will be invaluable.

In fact I happen to know that as well as people asking why they didn't receive such help themselves, reports of what you've already done is spreading very quickly through the asylum seeker population - you're going to be very busy!

The LAASLOs have been instrumental in lessening the strain on frontline services and improved the support for refugees.

Actually we get to thank you for your wonderful services and the great helping to us

Hi madam. Just want to say a huge thank you to you. Finally, one major problem is resolved today. All this is possible coz of your support. Thanks again.

Thank you very much my brother for helping.

So really, I have never met someone like you. You are very kind.

Hi madam [...] everything is sorted. Just want to say huge "thank you" to you and Steve. It wouldn’t be possible without your help. I really appreciate the way you take interest to sort out the issues. Thanks you so much and stay bless. If I feel any problem I will let you know.

Thank you for your kindness.

You and Ailsa are a piece of heaven on the earth.

Thanks for expression. I wish all positive activities and kindness that you have come to you more than 1,000,000 times.

Thank you very much for all the help before. Now I work for Amazon. I always remember you my dear sister and teacher. You are in my heart like a million thousand dollars.

You have done a lot of great job, despite Covid restrictions. In fact you are the real Frontline worker and I wish you that this fact influence on your salary (positively)). As for the moral rewards you, probably, must feel it and your good deeds will support you in life.

Good morning, thanks a lot for your assistance. I have eventually got a house with bath through Housing Solutions. I really appreciate your words of encouragement and the kind words. I just realised after getting leave to remain, someone can still get traumatised and feel like running away from it all. Thanks for helping me through the journey and for helping me settle here in Middlesbrough.


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