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Useful information about Middlesbrough

Places of interest

There is always lots to do in Middlesbrough.

We have parks in every part of the town, and they are the perfect place to walk and relax, or for children to have fun in the play areas. Look out for events being held in our parks too, especially in the summer!

We have two museums, the Dorman Museum and the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. The Dorman Museum is a great place to find out about the history of Middlesbrough, and there lots of exhibitions which children will enjoy too. Look out for the room full of birds' eggs! The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum is dedicated to the life of 18th century explorer Captain James Cook. He's one of the most famous people ever to come from Middlesbrough!

There are libraries all over Middlesbrough and it is free to join. Being a library member also means you can use the library computers for free. Our libraries are in community centres called Community Hubs. Lots of different things happen every day in our Community Hubs, like: reading groups, free computer courses, stop smoking clinics, job clubs, and sports. Look out for posters in your local Community Hub, or ask the Community Hub staff to tell you more about what things are going on there. Find your nearest Community Hub and Library.

Transport links

It is very easy to travel around Middlesbrough, particularly if you want to use public transport (buses and trains).

The bus station is right in the middle of town. You can get buses to different parts of Middlesbrough, as well as other towns in the area, like Stockton, Redcar, and Hartlepool. You can also get coaches to bigger cities like London. You can use Connect Tees Valley to look up buses and when they run.

The train station is also in the middle of town. You can get trains to lots of different places, both in the local area, and to bigger cities like Newcastle, York, Leeds, and Manchester. You can use Connect Tees Valley to find out more about trains to and from Middlesbrough.


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