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Travel to conflict zones

The risks of coronavirus remain high. To keep everyone safe, please stay cautious. Get the latest information about coronavirus.

The threat from terrorism in the UK, related to conflicts abroad, is of great concern. So too is the number of people being radicalised or drawn into terrorist-related activities at home and abroad.

Communities and families are asked to contact police about anyone they feel may be vulnerable.

Call the police on 101 if you:

  • are concerned about someone travelling to, or returning from, a conflict zone
  • are worried about someone showing signs of being radicalised
  • would like support or advice on radicalisation or terrorist-related activities

Trust your instincts and help prevent tragedies.

Communities defeat terrorism

You can help the police tackle terrorism and save lives by reporting suspicious behaviour and activity online.

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Useful links

Let's Talk About It: help and guidance for the public in order to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism

Cleveland Police website.
Alternatively, local police force contact details can be obtained by region through the Police.UK website

GOV.UK travel advice: latest travel advice by country including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings, and health

GOV.UK travel industry guidance: 'run, hide and tell' advice for travel industry and holiday makers

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