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Public Spaces Protection Order (TS1)

A Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) has been introduced in the central TS1 area of Middlesbrough.

Public Spaces Protection Orders are designed to stop individuals or groups of individuals committing anti-social behaviour in a public space. Find out more about PSPOs.

You can read the full TS1 Public Spaces Protection Order online. You can also see a copy of the sign advertising the PSPO, which will be displayed in the TS1 area, at the bottom of this page.

The PSPO measures will build on the recent boost to the number of Street Wardens equipped with body-worn cameras, and an increase in the number of fixed penalty notices (FPNs) issued for a range of offences.

In June 2019 we collected your views on crime and anti-social behaviour in the TS1 area of Middlesbrough. We also asked whether you would support the introduction of a PSPO.  At that point 95% of the responses said they were concerned to some extent about crime and anti-social behaviour in the TS1 area and the majority of responses expressed support for the introduction of a PSPO.

We then carried out formal consultation with residents, businesses, partners and visitors to the town on introducing the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in the TS1 area. This consultation took place from 22 July 2019 to 18 September 2019.

There were over 800 responses submitted to the consultation. Of those responses, over 60% of those who took part in the consultation lived in the TS1 area and 97% of respondents stated that they either lived or worked in Middlesbrough.

We asked about the levels of concern about anti-social behaviour in the TS1 area and 98% of respondents said they had some level of concern and 63% said they were very concerned.  Just under 1% said they were not at all concerned about anti-social behaviour in the TS1 area.

The responses showed an overwhelming support for a PSPO in the TS1 area, with over 94% of respondents saying they would support the introduction of a PSPO in TS1.

The PSPO came into force on 26 November 2019. Read the full news story about the introduction of the PSPO.