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Election results

2013 Referendum on how Middlesbrough Council is run

The council proposed to change the way it was run, from having an elected mayor and executive to having an elected leader and executive system. A local Referendum was held on Thursday 26 September 2013 to decide whether or not voters approved the change.

The question which was asked at the Referendum was:

How would you like Middlesbrough Council to be run?

By a mayor who is elected by voters. This is how the council is run now.


By a leader who is an elected councillor chosen by a vote of the other elected councillors. This would be a change from how the council is run now.

Name of option Number of votes
Mayor who is elected by voters 8674
Leader (elected councillor) chosen by other elected councillors 6455

Electorate: 100,629
Ballot papers issued: 15,156
Turnout: 15.06%

View the Declaration of Results (PDF)

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