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Election results

2019 local elections

Results of local elections for ward councillors in Middlesbrough.


Candidate Party Votes
Biswas, Shamal Labour Party 487
Dean, Sheila Frances Labour Party 527 (elected)
Hall, Kenneth Conservative Party 325
Livingstone, Tom Liberal Democrats 517
Polano, Eric Independent 518 (elected)
Stoker, Jack Thomas Liberal Democrats 271
Tyndall, Becky Green Party 166

Electorate: 4,439 voters
Turnout: 31% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 11


Candidate Party Votes
Drumm, Sophie Lea Micheline Liberal Democrats 66
Heywood, Anya Claire Green Party 138
High, Antony Independent 862 (elected)
Rooney, Denise Labour Party 418 (elected)
Walkington, Vic Labour Party 323
Waterfield, Pamela Conservative Party 124

Electorate: 4,097 voters
Turnout: 33.49% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 14

Berwick Hills and Pallister

Candidate Party Votes
Blades, Ian Labour Party 369
Clarke, Hannah Rose Conservative Party 67
Dryden, Eddie Labour Party 294
Garvey, Lee Independent 782 (elected)
Jones, Donna Independent 652 (elected)
McGee, Julie Labour Party 282
Reynolds, Alison Conservative Party 48
Sands, Raymond Michael Independent 573 (elected)

Electorate: 5,867 voters
Turnout: 21.58% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 10

Brambles and Thorntree

Candidate Party Votes
Kerr, Daniel Labour Party 246
Lawton, Terry Best for Middlesbrough 249
Moloney, Charmaine Best for Middlesbrough 172
Purvis, Geraldine Labour Party 302 (elected)
Thompson, Janet Labour Party 293 (elected)
Watson, Kelly Best for Middlesbrough 187
Wilson, Graham Independent 519 (elected)
Wilson, Hannah Louise Conservative Party 83

Electorate: 5,766 voters
Turnout:18.3% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 10


Candidate Party Votes
Ali, Stephen Conservative Party 112
Fricker, Nicola Best for Middlesbrough 273
Hamilton, Paul Michael Liberal Democrats 115
Jaber, Haji Independent 593
Kemp, Paul Best For Middlesbrough 290
Lewis, Linda Labour Party 759 (elected)
Storey, Matthew Labour Party 611 (elected)
Sturrock, Ian Stewart Green Party 155
Uddin, Zafar Labour Party 712 (elected)
Walker, Gordon Best For Middlesbrough 259

Electorate: 5,583 voters
Turnout: 29.57% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 17

Coulby Newham

Candidate Party Votes
Branson, David John Labour Party 696 (elected)
Law, Alexandra Labour Party 515
Smith, David Conservative Party 827 (elected)
Walker, Stefan Labour Party 857 (elected)

Electorate: 6,385 voters
Turnout: 28.71% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 129


Candidate Party Votes
Beadnall, Valerie Jean St. John Conservative Party 140
Bell, Allan Independent 454 (elected)
Cooper, John Henry Conservative Party 104
Walker, Jeanette Ann Labour Party 427 (elected)
Walker, Ken Independent 365
Walker, Nicky Labour Party 422

Electorate: 4,495 voters
Turnout: 24.94% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 4


Candidate Party Votes
Arundale, Ron Independent 1,017 (elected)
Clynch, Edward Labour Party 336
Islam, Rahana Labour Party 428
Nicholson, Bradley Conservative Party 340
Platt, Jim Independent 970 (elected)
Tomlin, Michael John Liberal Democrats 131

Electorate: 4,411 voters
Turnout: 45.59% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 15


Candidate Party Votes
Goodchild, June Labour Party 561 (elected)
Huggan, Alison Mary Conservative Party 367
Summers, Janet Linda Conservative Party 310
Wright, Craig Labour Party 451 (elected)

Electorate: 3,939 voters
Turnout: 29.37% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 103


Candidate Party Votes
Alberti, Hugh Green Party 218
Allan, Peter Independent 588
Armstrong, Stephen John Conservative Party 160
Hussain, Naweed Labour Party 639 (elected)
Jacques, Craig Independent 161
Jones, Ian Godfrey Llewellyn Liberal Democrats 118
Melville, George Independent 513
Storey, Philippa Labour Party 590 (elected)

Electorate: 4,435 voters
Turnout: 41.53% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 8

Longlands and Beechwood

Candidate Party Votes
Higgins, Teresa Labour Party 503 (elected)
McTigue, Joan Independent 956 (elected)
Nugent, Mary Labour Party 482 (elected)
Rooney, Charles Labour Party 371
Sizer, Lenore Conservative Party 171
Taylor, Cath Best for Middlesbrough 276

Electorate: 6,507 voters
Turnout: 24.5% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 12

Marton East

Candidate Party Votes
Bone, Mick Labour Party 207
Chapman, Craig Andrew Conservative Party 304
Davies, Edward Arthur Conservative Party 318
Davison, Dorothy Independent 907 (elected)
Hill, Stephen Independent 254
Mawston, Tom Independent 865 (elected)

Electorate: 4,381 voters
Turnout: 36.96% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 8

Marton West

Candidate Party Votes
Cass, Stephen James Labour Party 193
Coleman, Jill Powles Conservative Party 190
Coleman, Tony Conservative Party 174
Hobson, Chris Independent 1,665 (elected)
Hobson, John Independent 1,588 (elected)

Electorate: 4,332 voters
Turnout: 47.48% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 14


Candidate Party Votes
Cooke, Chris Labour Party 544 (elected)
Cooper, Barrie Independent 520 (elected)
Hellaoui, Alma Labour Party 537 (elected)
Kabuye, John Labour Party 477
Latham, Jaime Luan Conservative Party 133
Patel, Anish Liberal Democrats 132
Whiteway, David Green Party 205

Electorate: 5,254 voters
Turnout: 23.75% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 19

North Ormesby

Candidate Party Votes
Latham, Kerry Luan Thompson Conservative Party 17
Waters, Ashley Independent 371 (elected)
Young, Lewis Labour Party 142

Electorate: 1,807 voters
Turnout: 29.72% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 7


Candidate Party Votes
Bailey, Tom Liberal Democrats 138
King, Michael Conservative Party 346
McClintock, Morgan Liberal Democrats 284
McGloin, Lesley Independent 573
Rathmell, Jon Independent 1,075 (elected)
Rooney, Bernard Labour Party 135
Smiles, Mieka Louise Conservative Party 582 (elected)

Electorate: 4,141 voters
Turnout: 44.02% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 11

Park End and Beckfield

Candidate Party Votes
Burns, Dennis Labour Party 178
Davies, Mary Conservative Party 46
Dowsett, Jenny Labour Party 118
Hubbard, Brian Independent 1,050 (elected)
McGrath, Paul Labour Party 117
Mohan, Jan Independent 910 (elected)
Saunders, Mick Independent 979 (elected)

Electorate: 5,701 voters
Turnout: 25.03% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 6


Candidate Party Votes
Alberti, Emma Green Party 695
Furness, Theo Labour Party 883 (elected)
McIntyre, Chris Independent 816 (elected)
Rostron, Julia Labour Party 984 (elected)
Walters, Margaret Labour Party 814
Wardle, Deborah Conservative Party 337

Electorate: 6,664 voters
Turnout: 33.52% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 35

Stainton and Thornton

Candidate Party Votes
Coupe, David Philip Conservative Party 618 (elected)
Sheldon, James Labour Party 151

Electorate: 2,301 voters
Turnout: 34.94% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 35


Candidate Party Votes
Dodds, Carolyn Independent 1,216 (elected)
Jobson, Barry Green Party 92
McCabe, Dennis Independent 1,135 (elected)
Sharrocks, Jean Labour Party 197
Sharrocks, Peter Labour Party 172
Smith, Dorothy Winifred Conservative Party 125

Electorate: 4,205 voters
Turnout: 39.12% of voters
Rejected ballot papers: 12