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The council will remove offensive or racist graffiti on council-owned land or buildings within one working day of being notified. All other graffiti on council-owned land or buildings will be removed within five working days.

The council offers a graffiti removal service for owners/landlords/occupiers of private and commercial property, for which there is a charge.

You can report graffiti using the online form.

To report an incident of graffiti or ask for an estimate for the removal of graffiti, please contact:

During normal office hours: 01642 726001

Out of hours (for racist or offensive graffiti only): 01642 726050

If graffiti is found on public utility sites, please contact the relevant company:

BT  (includes media boxes/cabinets, telephone boxes, and telegraph poles)

Phone: 0800 023 2023


Virgin Media  (includes cabinets / boxes)

Phone: 0330 333 0444.



Northern Powergrid  (removal of graffiti from electrical substations)

Phone: 0800 668877


Northern Gas Networks  (removal of graffiti from gas substations)

Phone: 0800 040 7766


Royal Mail  (removal of graffiti from post boxes and grey boxes)

Phone: 03457 740 740



Bus shelters  (removal of graffiti from bus shelters)
Phone (24-hour hotline): 0800 731 3699