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Marton West Beck flood scheme

The £4.8million Marton West Beck flood scheme, which improves protection for around 500 homes and businesses, is now complete.

Construction started on the project, which was led by the Environment Agency in partnership with Middlesbrough Council, in summer 2020 and was completed in December 2021.

The scheme reduces the risk of flooding from the beck, sea, and surface water in central Middlesbrough, as well as bringing benefits for wildlife in the wider area. During heavy rainfall, upstream storage areas on Newham Beck will hold water back, decreasing the amount and slowing the flow of water downstream.

The work also included:

  • an extended trash screen on Marton West Beck at Albert Park, to collect the debris and rubbish which can cause flooding
  • new stone-clad flood walls and a surface water storage area at the park
  • new concrete flood walls at Borough Road
  • a new drainage system

A new allotment area has been created at Middlesbrough Environment City, and a new green roof has been installed on an existing composting area in Albert Park to create a bee pollinating area. New bug houses, bat boxes, and bird boxes have also been placed around the park. Herbs have been planted, and materials and equipment donated, to help local refugees with their community garden.

The Environment Agency also provided 300 trees and 3,000 hedge plants to Middlesbrough Municipal Golf Course after their land was used to create one of the upstream storage areas.

Schemes like this are essential for helping us adapt to climate change, which brings more extreme weather conditions and an increased risk of flooding. Middlesbrough and the wider economy will save an estimated £58million long-term due to reduced flood-related damage.

An aerial photo of the completed Marton West Beck flood works at Albert Park An aerial photo of the completed Marton West Beck flood works at Albert Park

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