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Transporting waste and waste carriers

Many of the people involved in the waste transport business are not registered waste carriers.

It is an offence to transport ‘controlled waste’ (household waste, commercial waste, industrial waste or a mixture of the three), as part of a business or otherwise, with a view to making profit, if you are not registered with the Environment Agency.

Illegal waste carriers may be involved in criminal activity including fly tipping and theft of valuable metals, and they often use vehicles in dangerously bad condition, putting other road users at risk.

Middlesbrough Council works with the police and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to stop and search vehicles, and prosecute illegal carriers. We stop vehicles which are being used to transport waste and search them for evidence of illegal waste transport. We can also demand that drivers produce copies of registration certificates.

Transporting waste illegally carries a maximum fine. A person who fails to produce a registration certificate when required to do so may avoid prosecution by paying the fixed penalty fine within 14 days, with a reduced penalty if it is paid within 10 days.

Please report any suspicious vehicles, giving as much detail as you can, to the council’s Environment Contact Centre on 01642 726001.