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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Public Protection Service update

The Public Protection Service includes Environmental Health, Environmental Protection, Private Sector Housing (including Selective Landlord Licensing), Trading Standards, and Licensing.

Food businesses

Only businesses that sell or serve food on a takeaway or delivery basis are allowed to stay open. Cafes or canteens at hospitals, care homes, schools, prisons, and military canteens can also stay open.

The Public Protection Service will be checking to see that these rules are being followed, and will be giving advice and support to food businesses that are allowed to open.

Food businesses which are allowed to stay open must make sure that customers follow the government advice on social distancing – keeping 2 metres apart. Arrangements should be put in place for this, like allowing only one or two customers into the premises at time (depending on the size of the customer area), or creating a queueing system, for example by using distancing lines on the floor.

For further advice call 01642 728272 or email

To let us know about a business which is still open when it should be closed, or which isn't promoting social distancing, email or call 01642 728272.

Selective Landlord Licensing and tenancy support

The Selective Landlord Licensing team is available on 01642 728100 to provide advice to landlords and tenants in the Selective Landlord Licensing areas of North Ormesby and Newport.

This includes taking applications and supporting landlords over the phone, issuing appropriate notices and licences, carrying out tenancy reference checks, advertising properties on the property guide, responding to reports of anti-social behaviour, and where necessary, starting legal proceedings for those not complying with the law.

The following activities are currently postponed, but will start again as soon as possible, in line with government advice:

  • interviews under caution
  • post-tenancy visits
  • housing standards inspections
  • external property checks for tenure and if required to be licensed

Private rented accommodation

Our Environmental Protection and Housing Officers are available to give advice and support to residents living in private rented accommodation. Our focus will be to support residents, particularly vulnerable people, with worries like lack of hot water, unsafe gas or electrical systems, or other amenities which are essential for their safety, health, and wellbeing.

Sale of goods and consumer services (Trading Standards)

For questions or complaints about goods or services, visit the Citizens Advice website or call 0808 223 1133.

Noise complaints

Our Environmental Protection Officers will still respond to complaints about noise nuisance. However, we'll be giving priority to cases where the noise nuisance is so bad it's causing serious detriment or risk to health.

It's important to realise that as people are now staying at home more, daytime noises like barking dogs may be heard more. Unless a noise is having a serious impact on you then it's not likely to meet the legal threshold where we can take enforcement action.

We're asking residents to be mindful of any noise they create while at home, so they don't cause unnecessary disturbance to their neighbours.

If you still feel like you have good reason to make a complaint about noise, please contact Customer Services on 01642 726001 or make a complaint online.

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