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Green wall of fame

Welcome to our green wall of fame, a place dedicated to the eco-champions whose tireless efforts make Middlesbrough greener and cleaner.

These community-minded residents give up much of their own time to take pride in their local area, making sure our town is a beautiful and environmentally-friendly place to live, work, and enjoy.

As a council we're committed to combatting climate change through our Green Strategy, by increasing biodiversity, planting trees, and reducing waste. But there's only so much we can do without you, the residents of this town, who have made it the place it is today.

That's why we're eternally grateful for all the hard work these eco-champions put into their green activities. If you know anyone who deserves to be recognised on the green wall of fame, please let us know by emailing

Matthew Rowe

Being around nature has always made Matthew Rowe feel calm and peaceful, and the young resident has now made it his mission to preserve these green spaces for future generations.

The 17 year old's passion for litter picking began three years ago, when he was out walking in his local area of Trimdon. Whenever he saw a piece of litter, he would pick it up and put it in the bin. But Matthew wanted to go a step further, so he contacted his local councillor, who was able to provide him with free litter-picking equipment.

Matthew now litter picks across Middlesbrough every weekend, often bumping into members of the public who congratulate him for his dedication.

As well as praise from the public, the green teenager has also received official recognition for his environmental efforts, when he was presented with a Boro Hero award from Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston. Matthew said: "I will always have a love for nature and I will always do this, even when I'm 90!"

Matthew's passion and pride for his local area from such a young age sets a brilliant standard for other young people in Middlesbrough. Well done Matthew!

A photo of Matthew Rowe

Community Champions Middlesbrough

Formed in June 2019, the Community Champions (Boro Champs) are a local group with hundreds of volunteers who go out of their way to make Middlesbrough greener and cleaner.

Up to 100 people attend their regular weekly litter picks, which take place across every part of our town. As well as picking up litter, the Boro Champs plant hedges, clean up green spaces, and when they spotted an opportunity to brighten up local landmark Teessaurus Park, they even painted dinosaurs! The group also regularly goes into schools to teach children about the environment using fun activities like building butterfly houses and planting trees.

The Boro Champs genuinely take immense pride in where they live, and they always carry out their duties with good humour and big smiles on their faces. They have over 1,000 followers on their Facebook group, where they advertise all of their upcoming activities and welcome residents to join in when they can.

Well done to the Community Champions Middlesbrough, true eco-warriors of our great town!

A photo of Community Champions Middlesbrough

Caldicotes Primary School

Based in Thorntree, this school is one of the many Middlesbrough primary schools which are doing amazing work to teach children about the importance of recycling and keeping the planet sustainable for future generations. The eco-wall in the reception area of their school does a brilliant job of explaining the benefits of being an eco-star, and the children want you to become an eco-star too!

Well done to all of the pupils at Caldicotes Primary for their fantastic efforts!

A photo of Caldicotes children

Billy and Joe - McDonald's workers

Billy and Joe have been working at the Linthorpe Road McDonald's for six and 13 years respectively. The work ethic and loyalty they have for their career translates into a passion for their local community too - they like to make sure the surrounding neighbourhoods are as spotless as their restaurant.

Every morning before they start their shift, Billy and Joe don their hi-vis jackets and collect their litter picking equipment before searching the surrounding area and picking up every piece of litter they find. Billy said: "As a business we have a responsibility for the community we're in. We want the whole area to be spotless."

These two community-minded individuals are a great example of a business working in the local area to make Middlesbrough cleaner and greener.

Well done Billy and Joe!

A photo of McDonald's workers Billy and Joe

Coulby Newham Litter Pickers

Coulby Newham Litter Pickers was set up to keep Coulby Newham clean and tidy. The group has a weekly litter pick most Sundays, and when they’re not litter picking, they regularly attend other eco events to provide valuable support. Come rain or shine, the team is regularly spotted cleaning up their local area. While they're out and about they often report fly tipping to our Flying Squad, working hard to ensure Coulby stays a green and pleasant place to live and work.

This community group is a great example of how working together as a team in one area can make a massive difference to our environment and communities as a whole. You can join their events which are advertised on Facebook.

Well done and thank you for making your local area cleaner and greener!

A photo of Coulby Newham Litter Pickers

Irene and Freddie McCormick

Irene and Freddie are a retired couple who have so much passion for their area that they picked up a total of 280 bags of rubbish in six months!

The green-minded pair go litter picking at least three times a week on Middlesbrough's Easterside estate, with Irene saying "I love living on this earth and I don't like seeing it like this".

Irene, 71, a retired nurse and Freddie, 76, a retired heavy goods vehicle driver, were recognised officially by Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston, after being given a Boro Hero award.

Explaining how they got started, Irene said: "It was about February last year I had an appointment at the hospital, it was a Monday and a really cold day and on our walk I said to Freddie I've never seen so much rubbish in all my life. I thought about it and said if it's still there on Wednesday I am going to go and clean it up. It was and I went off myself and got six or seven bags. I took it to a friend's who lives nearby and I asked if we could put some of it in their bin, but they'd seen a council worker with a lorry picking up rubbish. We asked him if we could leave this litter in the lorry and he was really nice to us and seemed really pleased. He gave us a litter picker and a load of green bags - then we went out all the time. Our kids went to Easterside school and we thought we would do that estate because we used to live there."

Hats off to Irene and Freddie, keep going!

A photo of Irene and Freddie with Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston