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Our green action plan

In 2021 the Green Strategy Action Plan was approved by the council's Executive. It includes a 14-point plan which aims to make Middlesbrough greener, and improve things for us and the planet.

As a leader on environmental issues we pledge to:

Restore biodiversity

  • Plant 15,000 trees to increase tree cover
  • Sow 30,000 square metres of urban flower meadows
  • Become a more bee-friendly town with five newly installed beehives, and develop a 'Buzz in Boro' bee guide
  • Climate Action Middlesbrough will work with residents to help manage and improve biodiversity in our nature reserves

Increase recycling and reduce waste

  • Increase recycling rates for residents through education and recycling roadshows
  • Work with businesses to reduce commercial waste and increase recycling levels

Tackle climate change

  • Purchase electric vehicles and install electric charging points to reduce fossil fuel use in vehicles
  • Make climate change training mandatory for all Middlesbrough Council employees
  • Begin data capture for carbon emissions for the town of Middlesbrough
  • Host a climate conference with partners and begin to map out town-wide objectives

In the next two years, as part of the Green Strategy, we'll explore the possibility of an eco-festival for the town, develop community growing plots, develop clean air zones, establish a food re-distribution hub, develop new nature reserves in the town, and make plans for extra electric car charging points and additional electric vehicles in the council's fleet.

Read the full Green Strategy (PDF).