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Air pollution

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The main cause of pollution in Middlesbrough is traffic. Although emission limits set for new cars are reducing the pollutants being emitted, this is counteracted by the increasing number of cars on our roads. Controls on industry place limits on the emissions produced, and permits, regulation, and enforcement ensure these limits are adhered to.

We continuously monitor air quality at two static sites. The data confirms that Middlesbrough's air quality is often better than other towns and cities in Britain. However, there may be times when you need to make a complaint about air pollution in the form of smoke, or dust or odours from domestic, commercial, or industrial chimneys.

Reporting air pollution

You can let us know about a problem with air pollution using Report It. Choose 'Air Quality & Smoke Pollution' from the drop-down menu, then tick 'Air quality complaint'.

Button linking to the online report form

Using Report It

  • Choose the location you'd like to make a report about, either by locating it on the map or typing in the postcode
  • Please note, you aren't able to 'Filter type of issue' as for confidentiality reasons, we don't show the locations of reports about air pollution
  • Once you've found the right location, click 'Next'
  • Choose 'Air Quality & Smoke Pollution' for 'Type of issue'
  • Choose 'Air quality complaint'
  • Give details of your complaint, and attach any photos you have as evidence
  • Confirm the address which you selected on the previous page
  • Click 'Next'
  • Type in or confirm your personal details, or choose to make an anonymous report
  • Click 'Submit'

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