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Becks and watercourses

The council is responsible for the maintenance of becks and watercourses, and any direct flooding on council-owned land. The council liaises with the Environment Agency, which has the overall responsibility for flood defences and the management of these watercourses.

The council routinely cleanses and removes debris from council-owned becks and watercourses 3 times a year, and will attend to flooded becks and watercourses upon receipt of an adverse flood warning from the Environment Agency and the Met Office. Sites will be addressed on a priority basis following this information.

To report a blockage, flood, or an item of debris liable to cause flooding etc., please

use our online report it form

or contact:

During normal office hours: 01642 726001

Emergencies out of hours: 01642 726050

Please note, blocked mains and sewers are the responsibility of Northumbrian Water.