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Fly tipping

Fly tipping can be defined as the illegal disposal of rubbish i.e. several bags of rubbish – Large Items i.e. Table/Wardrobe etc. - Large pile of debris i.e. building material/several black bags of rubbish.

Fly tipping ruins our environment, town, parks and open spaces. Middlesbrough Council will investigate incidents of fly tipping and prosecutes those person(s) responsible when sufficient evidence can be obtained. The maximum penalty for fly tipping in court is a £50,000 fine.

Fly tipping will be removed from Council maintained land within 24 hours of notification on a normal working day.

Please note:- General Litter e.g. scattered sweet papers etc. - drinking cans/bottles – cigarette ends DOES NOT constitute as a fly tip. These items will be removed as part of the routine programmed street cleansing works and can be reported using the Street cleansing and Washing Report It online form.


You can let us know about fly tipping using Report It.

When you report a fly tip in Middlesbrough, please state the exact location or as much information as possible to confirm where the fly tipping is located for example:-

  • The nearest property number/name
  • Street light number
  • Road junction