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Fly Tipping

Fly tipping

We are still collecting fly tipped rubbish, but not until 72 hours have passed. This is to protect our crews, as 72 hours is the lifespan of coronavirus outside of the human body.

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish. It ruins our environment, town, parks, and open spaces.

Fly tipping can include:

  • several bags of rubbish
  • large items like sofas or mattresses
  • large piles of debris, for example building materials

What we do about fly tipping

We will investigate reports of fly tipping, and prosecute the people responsible when we have enough evidence. The maximum court fine for fly tipping is £50,000.

Normally we'll remove fly tipping from land we maintain within 24 hours of getting a report, on a normal working day. Because of coronavirus, we're currently waiting for 72 hours before collecting the rubbish, to keep our crews safe. This is because coronavirus can live for up to 72 hours outside the human body, for example on the surface of an item.

Please note, general litter - for example, sweet wrappers, crisp packets, cans, bottles, and cigarette ends - do not count as fly tipping. These will be removed as part of our normal street cleaning works. You can report problems with litter using the street cleansing and washing Report It online form.

How to report fly tipping

To help us catch those responsible for fly tipping, we need as much information as possible when you report it to us.

The people responsible

If you know who's responsible, tell us what you know about them - for example, their name, address, or car registration. The more information we have, the easier it is to catch and prosecute them.

The location

When you make a report, please give us the exact location. When you're reporting it online, it's easy to use our map to pinpoint the location. If you're struggling to use the map, you can type in the address instead.

If you don't know the location, give us as much information as possible so we can work out where it is. For example:

  • the nearest property number/name
  • street light number
  • road junction


If you have any photos, please send these with your report. Photos of the rubbish being dumped, for example from a CCTV camera outside your home or business, can help us identify the people responsible.

Photos of the rubbish which has been dumped are also helpful, so we know how much of it there is.

Report fly tipping now

You can tell us about fly tipping using Report It.

Button linking to the online report form

If you have CCTV footage of fly tipping and would like to share with us, you can email it to

We may need to use your identity and the footage for enforcement purposes, including prosecution of offenders, and we may need to share this information with the courts or other law enforcement agencies such as Cleveland Police. For more information about how we use your data for community safety purposes, please read the community safety privacy notice.

Please note this email address is only for sending us CCTV footage. To report a problem, you'll still need to use Report It (above).