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Needles and syringes

Middlesbrough is getting more support to tackle the spike in coronavirus cases. Find out more about the extra support.

We will respond to requests for the removal of needles and syringes within 2 hours. Please note, we can only collect disused needles from council-owned land. This includes roads and pavements. We cannot collect needles from private property, like houses and gardens.

Do not pick up discarded needles or syringes. If you can, cover the discarded needle with a container which needles cannot poke through, to stop anyone touching it.

You can use Report It to let us know about discarded needles or syringes.

Button linking to the online report form

Alternatively, you can call 01642 726001.

If you're making a report after 4:30pm, please call 01642 726050.

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