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Street cleansing and washing

Street cleansing

Litter picking/cleansing works is carried out on all council maintained roads/footpaths, parks and open spaces. All scattered litter will be removed as part of the operatives’ routine programme of street cleansing works.

Cleansing is regularly carried out as part of routine programmed street cleansing works. If you do feel the need to report any areas that require cleansing i.e. scattered general litter, drinking cans, crisp packets etc. in a park, street or open space you can let us know using Report It.

Please confirm

  • The nearest property number/name
  • Street light number
  • Road junction

Cleansing works can be delayed during wet/winter weather conditions

Please note:- If the area that requires cleansing contains broken glass and/or dog fouling please state this when you complete the Report It form

Street washing

We are one of only a few councils in the country to provide a street washing service.

We currently provide the service over a seven month period each year for the street washing of the pedestrian Town Centre areas only. The machine used for street washing is then converted to a mechanical sweeper if required during the winter period.

The street washer uses a low-pressure water jet and brushes to scrub the pavement. As the machine travels along the pavement water is sucked up along with any residue, leaving only a damp surface. The machine also has a facility to recycle the water collected, thereby reducing water usage.