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Street washing and cleansing


You can let us know when cleaning or litter picking is needed in a specific area using Report It. This should be used for small amounts of litter in a park, street or open space. For bigger areas of rubbish, you'll need to make a fly tipping report.

You'll need to tell us whether the location is a street or an alley. You'll also need to give us additional information, like whether the litter includes broken glass and/or dog fouling.

Please note, our response may be delayed if the weather is bad.

Street washing

We are one of only a few councils in the country to provide a street washing service. The service cleans pavements in all council-owned shopping areas, parks and public areas.

The process is currently performed using a high pressure washer. This method is currently under review, with the potential view of using a mechanical street sweeper/washer. The mechanical brush uses a low-pressure water jet and brushes to scrub the pavement. As the machine travels along the pavement the water is sucked up along with the residue, leaving only a damp surface. The machine also has a facility to recycle the water collected, thereby reducing water usage.