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Volunteer asylum seeker and refugee language support

The LAASLO (Local Authority Asylum Support Liaison) project looks at supporting refugees who have recently received a positive decision into mainstream communities, focusing on housing, benefits, banking, ESOL, and other elements of integration. A volunteer is needed to provide translation support when the LAASLO team is supporting those with limited English.

Specific duties

  • Support the LAASLO team in conversation surrounding banking, benefits, housing, ESOL opportunities, and other integration needs with refugees who have recently received their status on an ad hoc basis.
  • Ensure messages to and from new refugees are properly conveyed, thereby improving outcomes.

Experience and skills

  • To be able to communicate effectively
  • Good knowledge of one or more languages including English
  • This volunteering opportunity would require the translation of spoken words into languages depending on demand

Days/times required

Needs would be ad hoc – the LAASLO team identifies a new refugee and their native language and would need to contact a volunteer translator to confirm availability.


Not required – the volunteer will be supervised by the LAASLO staff at all times.

Other responsibilities

  • All volunteers are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the principles of equality of opportunity and fairness of treatment in relation to their volunteer role, and adhere to the council’s Volunteer Policy in carrying out their volunteer role
  • All volunteers are expected to respect confidentiality, and the principles and practice of the Data Protection Act 1998
  • All volunteers are required to comply with Health and Safety policies and legislation


If you're interested please complete the online expression of interest form.

Where a volunteer is disabled, Middlesbrough Council will make every reasonable effort to supply the necessary aids, equipment or adaptations to enable a volunteer to carry out their role.