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Volunteer board member - advisor

A volunteer is needed to contribute their professional, specialist, and general management skills to the development of the Community Learning Service in a non-executive role.

Your primary role is to provide oversight, scrutiny, and challenge to positively impact the outcomes for learners. An advisor is required to be as flexible as possible in the conduct of their responsibilities and duties, ensuring that the balance of oversight of the service and its business is seen as a positive contribution that does not interfere with the day-to-day management of the provider.

Specific duties

  • To provide a level of scrutiny and challenge to the service based on your expert knowledge
  • To serve as a subject specialist advisor for one of the following: Outcomes for Learners, Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare, Teaching Learning & Assessment, and Leadership & Management
  • Comply with the volunteer policy handbook and code of practice
  • Assist in the formulation and monitoring of the service's strategic plans
  • Attend appropriate advisor training and induction and other events as required
  • Contribute to the setting of appropriate measurable targets for the Service
  • To act in the best interests of the council at all times and promote the Corporate Values

Experience and skills

  • Ability to work positively with others and debate whilst being constructive
  • Ability to express ideas/plans in a clear manner and to listen actively to other views
  • To be able to communicate effectively
  • Ability to establish an effective course of action for self and others to achieve goals that can be monitored by realistic performance targets
  • Ability to develop a broad-based view of issues and events and their long-term impact
  • Ability to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of facts and rationalize appropriately
  • Be able to think laterally and arrive at a pragmatic solution
  • Ability to demonstrate behaviour and skills that motivate others to achieve and inspire confidence in others to achieve objectives
  • Experience of contributing to committees/work groups
  • Commitment to equality and diversity
  • Availability to attend scheduled meetings of the Board and work groups
  • A real interest in and enthusiasm for education in Middlesbrough

Days/times required

Approximately one day per month on average over the year


Required (enhanced)

Other responsibilities

  • All volunteers are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the principles of equality of opportunity and fairness of treatment in relation to their volunteer role, and adhere to the council’s Volunteer Policy in carrying out their volunteer role
  • All volunteers are expected to respect confidentiality, and the principles and practice of the Data Protection Act 1998
  • All volunteers are required to comply with Health and Safety policies and legislation


If you're interested please complete the online expression of interest form.

Where a volunteer is disabled, Middlesbrough Council will make every reasonable effort to supply the necessary aids, equipment or adaptations to enable a volunteer to carry out their role.