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Volunteer street ambassadors

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The Street Ambassador aim is to improve the town centre and visitor experience.

By providing a presence around key areas of the town centre, offering a friendly welcome to visitors and members of the public while giving advice and guidance.

Specific duties

  • Liaison with Street Ambassador Coordinator, handling visitor enquiries as they arise or referring these on to the relevant person.

  • Presenting a warm welcome and a pleasant view of the town centre to visitors, whilst maintaining a publicly positive tone about the town.

  • Keep up to date with and provide visitors with accurate information about the town centre in general and about the retail, leisure and event offer in particular. 

  • Carrying out specific duties deemed appropriate by the Street Ambassador Coordinator.

  • Reporting relevant information and concerns as they arise to the Street Ambassador Coordinator.

  • Responding to requests for Ambassador support through the town centre quickly and efficiently.

  • Promoting responsible citizenship in respect of litter, graffiti and related issues.

  • Contributing to the presence around key areas which visitors are most likely to be present such as bus and train station.

  • To add value to the perception that the town centre is a safe place to be.

  • Use of appropriate tools, equipment and materials to support the visitor to have an enjoyable experience.

  • Attending a street ambassador welcome course which will support your existing skills to deliver a customer first experience. 

  • Distributing literature on behalf of event organisers.

  • Strict attention to personal responsibilities in the areas of risk management, health and safety, and welfare, both in terms of self and others. 

  • Adherence to protocols at all times.

  • To wear the appropriate uniform that will be provided.

  • To be completely free from discrimination in all guises.

Experience and skills

  • Positive, enthusiastic self-starter

  • Experience of handling queries

  • Confident in handling situations on an individual or group basis

  • Able to inspire and attract visitors to enjoy the attractions and facilities of the town

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Willingness to do walkabouts throughout the local area as required;

  • Good Team Player

Days/times required

Saturday 25 May, 9am – 3pm (BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend event day)

Sunday 26 May, 9am – 3pm (BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend event day)

Saturday 1 June, 11am – 6pm (Take That concert event day)

(Please note times may change)

Other responsibilities

  • All volunteers are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the principles of equality of opportunity and fairness of treatment in relation to their volunteer role and adhere to the Council’s Volunteer Policy in carrying out their volunteer role.
  • All volunteers are expected to respect all confidentialities and principles and practice of the Data Protection Act.

  • All volunteers are required to comply with Health and Safety policies and legislation.


If you're interested please complete the online expression of interest form.

Where a volunteer is disabled, Middlesbrough Council will make every reasonable effort to supply the necessary aids, equipment or adaptations to enable a volunteer to carry out their role.