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Walking bus volunteer (Nunthorpe)

Walking bus volunteers are required to help establish a walking bus route for children attending Chandlers Ridge Academy in Nunthorpe.

Skills/experience to be gained

  • Health - a great way to get free regular exercise
  • Road safety - teach children valuable life skills, preparing them for independent journeys
  • Environment - help to get fewer cars on the road
  • Fun and friendship - a sociable start to the day

Specific duties

  • Supervising children appropriately (in groups of at least 3 adults per 16 children), adopting safe road crossing and pedestrian guidelines. If there are less than 16 children and they are an appropriate age, we would allow 2 volunteers.
  • Bus routes to be established depending on interest from parents and most appropriate routes to access the school. The 'bus route' will follow a set route and timetable, with pick up points - 'bus stops' at the start and along the way, with one volunteer as 'driver' at the front of the bus and another as 'conductor' at the rear.  

Experience and skills

There are no specific skills required, just a willingness to take part and attending short training session before starting the role.

Days/times required

Volunteers would only need to commit around an hour on a Friday morning each week at Chandlers Ridge Academy.


Not needed

Other responsibilities

  • All volunteers are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the principles of equality of opportunity and fairness of treatment in relation to their volunteer role, and adhere to the council’s Volunteer Policy in carrying out their volunteer role
  • All volunteers are expected to respect confidentiality, and the principles and practice of the Data Protection Act 1998
  • All volunteers are required to comply with Health and Safety policies and legislation


If you're interested please complete the online expression of interest form.

Where a volunteer is disabled, Middlesbrough Council will make every reasonable effort to supply the necessary aids, equipment or adaptations to enable a volunteer to carry out their role.